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The last real PM of our country.
RIP to a Woman who stood for what she believed in.

I feverently hope, but am likely to be proven wrong, that the foul inhabitants of the far left will refrain from tweeting 'rejoice rejoice'.
You beat me to it, Porridge_gun. I suspect we're going to see a lot of very petty gloating in the press and on the web over the next few days.
I used to belong to a forum called Downsizer (I was banned for not being left-wing enough); members there followed her health obsessively, and were planning to throw parties when she finally went to the great dispatch-box in the sky.


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Lady thatcher had her flaws, like all of us, but she tried to address the problems this country had. In 1979 we were the sick man of Europe. Maggie addressed the problems and raised the living standards, health, wealth and happiness of the majority.

The last Prime Minister driven by conviction rather than focus groups.

I dread to think what 3rd world economic basket case we'd be living in now if she hadn't faced the Unions down in the 80's.
True, Jim - although I rather suspect that those who do will find the Daily Mail and the Sun will be all over them like a legion of tramps confronted by a small bag of chips.

It's damned easy journalism to find something that'll offend the sensibilities of your readership via trawling twitter, facebook and other social media, followed by a rapid transition to comment on expenses claims/love affairs/benefit claims/embarassing police cautions aged 13, etc. And there will be at least three reasonably prominent people who are stupid enough to give the Mail days of easy, straightforward headlines, two of whom - yes, Mr Galloway, I am excluding you - will bitterly regret doing so for years to come...
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