CA overspill

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fallschirmjager, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Did they bum her before topping her. I would have.
  2. That's what you would suspect would have happened but they didn't say so.

    But what they did say, along those lines, is that he worked part-time as a packer at the local fudge factory. When I say local I mean London. And it also seemed to have a very Germanic theme.

    Different strokes eh?

  3. Current line of enquiry seems to suggest he got bummed before topping her....
  4. In his version of events it was the back window, not the back door.

  5. I believe Smudger67 will have watched that with growing interest...
  6. Would his pecker taste of curry after the said bumming of him/her?.........
  7. I think you're confusing Africa, with India, you pleb.
  8. That's where the crime took places,,,him/her where of Indian extraction.....

    Indian curry,Paki curry,Jamaican curry,African curry,English curry,Chinese curry,Thai curry,,,,,,,f*ck that's a lot of curry,,,,you ill informed curry expert....
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  9. Small world? What that you went to the same school or lurve the cock? :)
  10. Geographical, grammatical and syntax arguments aside: You're still a pleb.

    Please drown yourself in a vat of phaal.
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  11. Don't all us Honkeys look the same?
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  12. No.

    "Get to da choppa" That's my Arnie impression.
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  13. Vindaloo is better,,,,does it have to be a boiling vat or what?,,,,,by saying Pleb are you intimating that I am a free landowner from Ancient Rome? or what?.
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  14. What part of "Please drown yourself in a vat of phaal" are you struggling with?

    You may use a vat of korma if you're really gay, but please don't ask for an omelette or some 'proper' English food - that would just be too plebby of you.