C8 and G36 - Single Shot only versions

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr Happy, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    For reasons to do with my pending (foreign) FAC. Does anyone know if either the C8 or G36 are available in original manufacturer version single shot? Or come to think of it, anything gucci modern..

    I imagine not, but its a local requirement and I quite fancy wandering down to the village range with something a bit more gucci than the standard issue SG 550/550SP that everyone else has.
  2. C8 per se, no. However you can get the same configuration from more or less any AR 15 manufacturer. Sabre defence (UK) are making them (wouldn't touch it with a bargepole) , as are Oberland arms. The latter would be the easiest to get hold of, as they are made in Germany.

    G36 per se, also no. if you are completely mad, however, you can buy an HK SL 8 and that the same stock on it and get the muzzle threaded for a flash suppressor. it is also worth bearing in mind that HK can hardly give the G36 away, with only Germany and Spain having adopted it. They sold a whole load to Bapty's recently for 4/5 of bugger all, and are now concentrating their efforts on the 416 and 417 ( civilian versions supposedly pending, having already had approval to sell them in Germany).

    Your mobile telephone is likely to ring in a few minutes...
  3. Not strictly true... The C8 IS available in a single shot version from Colt Canada. However, UK Plc has not bought this variant, although it has been considered for those members of the MoD who need a single shot rifle.
  4. Thanks for the post but I meant single shot ONLY not via a selector/change lever.

    Mr H
  5. Saw a straight pull styer AUG in a mag recently.

  6. Umm, the G36 rifles that the police are issued are single shot only. In other words the selector leavers only display options of Safe or Semi.

    No full automatic or burst-fire capabilities are present on ANY police firearm.
  7. The G36 is issued to the London Police Force and widely used with other forces across the country. It is single and semi firing. Yes...London Police Force which is not to mistaken with the Metropolitan Police Force.
  8. I stand corrected.

    Nevertheless, I doubt we would ever see one (read: know of one) being deployed by the coppers. After all you know the shitstorm they had to go through for slotting a few blokes with 9milli semi automatic (the fat bloke with the chair leg, the skinny dodgy bloke on the train etc), imagine the press if Sgt Jonny McKill unloaded 30 rounds of 9milli fulll auto, or even worse, 5.56 milli?

    I believe I am right in saying that virtually ALL firearms the police use are semi automatic only.
  9. Probably.

    You know.... the guy with the chair leg (or was it piano leg or something) in the carrier bag who, when challenged, turned and "aimed" the leg thus forcing the coppers to slot him?


    A previous Home Secretary ( a Tory one, can't remember which, but shows how long the weapons have been issued ) confirmed in a press statement that Met Close Protection Officers are authorised to carry HK MP5K. MOD Police have also previously been issued SA80 A1 ( maybe now A2? ) but I think that may have been replaced in some roles by HK MP7.
  11. I'm bored,
    For those not in the know, how did he engineer the stop? I'm glad both Met guys involved have been cleared completely at both ( or is it three times now? ) trials, putting them through that again and again just to satisfy some left wing apologist agenda is a disgrace. We're lucky we've got police officers willing to put up with a governmet that doesn't back them up.
  12. ISTR, and I'll take it back if wrong, but airport CivPol at LGW had G36K's (K's?) with semi and full auto selectors.. Of course I may be well wrong as memory causes more problems than piles these days but I was chatting with the two guys on duty who were well tooled up (weps with fast mag changers, torches, lasers etc) and as I hadn't seen a G36 before I was in discussion with them and my opening line was "WTF are those mate, I know they're HK's but" (or similar) - the point being I knew they were HK's from the change levers which followed the MP5 style which I know well from before.
  13. G36 for sale in the local Iti club was single shot.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    single shot or straight pull?