C5 Now, Outlaw


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Danny Dyer getting a kicking??
Sean Bean, a Para???

WTF is going on?
Its sh*t. An hour an half of my life im not getting back..
1 hour 29 minutes and 50 seconds of shite.

The bit where Sean Bean calls Tony B a cnut is class though.


Book Reviewer
Its sh*t. An hour an half of my life im not getting back..
You must have Sky - (minussed) it, it's only been on for an hour, but agreed the first hour has been shit.
I have'nt seen it. And since I've never read a review that did'nt call it a great, steaming pile of dog shite(or words to that effect)I don't think I'm missing much.
I turend over when Aliens started on 4 (I was bored witless by then), and now I've missed the ending - anyone care to tell me if Sean Bean (shurely that surname should be pronouced 'Born' to rhyme with the forename) - got away with it, or did he get doen in by a filthy alliance of villains and bent coppers?
Dyer took a kicking, and Seen Been was in it.

Vigilant, ex para, PTSD, good cop, bad cop, guns, loads of aggro.

If only they had developed the script a little further than that.

I can't believe that I sat all the way to the end.

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