C4 The mark of Cain

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by johnnyVB, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Im mid way through watching channel fours fictional based programme 'The mark of cain', a pretty compelling drama set in iraq.
    Anyone seen it? what you think? pretty close to the truth?
    one thing that stuck among all the other obvious issues raised, in the first 5 minutes was the way they treated a TA member, realistic or not? and how they set upon each other!
  2. Shite........
  3. Total f*cking sh!te !!!!
  4. Really Feckin Shite , in my opinion .
    Seem to recall it upset a lot of people 1st time round.
  5. ah thought might be the case... good ol' media
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about explosives...
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Yup...shiter than a shite thing!Released about the same time as the Daily Mirror's fake Iraqi abuse photo's iirc.
  8. Ive seen better recruitment videos and sorry Dubb, thought might happen after i posted it =/
  9. Yep , Your right there Spike .
    Which in turn led to ole Piers "CNUT" Moron getting the boot from the Mirror and then getting his revenge that is the Shite dumbed down chav TV, Britains got shite for brains Talent .....
  10. Any programme about the army in Iraq that can't even pronouce 'Shaibah' right isn't likely to be a reliable account...
  11. "Fictional based" is right.

    "Pretty compelling" I'd quibble with, though.

    I don't have a TV, but, foolishly, I paid something like £3 for a DVD of this crap. It's now in the "Never watch again" pile of DVDs.

    I had to wonder if any of the scriptwriters or the production team had ever spent a day in uniform, or knew anyone who had.

    Just in case I have failed to convey my opinion that it's worthless tosh, I'd like it to be officially noted as my opinion that it is worthless tosh.

    All the best,

  12. Total Shite to be frank
  13. For some reason, i dont know why, this is the exact response i expected, thought i best be safe and ask though :p. Its quite a bold move by C4 to show such blatant bullshite but i guess people who havent been dont know the truth, like john said... scriptwritters!
  14. Its films like that which weaken public support for what's trying to be achived on operations now, it casts a bad light on the Army and the army can make as many press releases about the aim and objectives about hearts and minds and stabilisation but one film such as that puts you back to square one. People are that easily swayed
  15. If it was realistic and factual yet still showed the army in a bad light I'd back its production to the hilt. I.E If it showed the constant operational planning blunders, the inadequate use of the inadequate equipment in theatre, the serious lack of a mission plan/exit strategy then great.

    The fact is it was one of the least realistic/accurate accounts I've seen on the conflict and I can't believe somebody on this thread wasted £3 on it... I feel your pain!