C4 now

good old carol stood her ground. I sympathise with the mothers of the soldiers/sailors that died but Argentina was wrong to invade - end of.


Nothing wrong with the actual documentary, the FI was interesting and Stanley has been done up rather nicely from the last time I saw it.

Reaction to Carol Thatchers arrival in Buenos Aires was predictable. However what irked me beyond all measure was her attitude towards the mothers of the Belgrano dead. They were understanably upset, she was unsuprisingly crass and cruel. It could have all been avoided but I think she come across as an unsympathetic and nasty and there was absolutley no need for it.

Probably in the only case in warfare though I don't have any numbers or cases to back it up. More British Falklands veterans have took their own lives in the aftermath of 1982 than had actully died in conflict (300
Falklands veterans have commited suicide since 1982 to 255 who died in the conflict) and I hoped that if 'Mummys war' was done on the basis
of interviews of the families of British soldiers who had lost their lives
in war and in the peace that she would have shown a bit more tact and a bit more sympathy than she shon those Argentine mothers.

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