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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oscar1whisky, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. watched channel 4 news last night (tuesday) with some nobber, allegedly a minister for the armed forces, spouting off about the case for compensation for injured soldiers, in which he had the gall to suggest that soldiers should be thankful that improved medical support has led to soldiers being alive (though horribly injured) who would not have survived even a few years ago. usual promises of MOD looking at the system etc etc blah blah. please join me in condemning this clown as a complete and utter cnut of the first degree. with "friends" like these..... :cry:

    edited for spas spelilng
  2. He was more or less saying "Thanks to the special equipment MOD has funded, you can be badly wounded instead of killed. This will lead to deductions in your compensation.

    What a caring thought. Who the hell was he anyway. His vast knowledge of the military really showed !!
  3. They will be deducting the return med evac flight, med care and prescriptions from the compensation money next.
    But if you put it into comparison of the pension Prescott and BLiar will get after there wonderful service to this country :roll: and also the meger £480,000 that poor RAF clerk got for her IT incident and the police officers £500,000 claim for sexual harrassment I believe £150,000 for somebody risking his life, nearly killed and so badly maimed his life will never be the same quite reasonable. Whilst im still serving I applaud the minister and government for there decision and am so greatful and THANKFUL (as he put it) and if Im maimed (or my lads are) next year in Afghan be so thankful that this government will look after us and not leave us to rot whilst our families have to give up work to care for us. :x
  4. Don't forget the policewoman claiming £1,000,000 after being hit in the chest by...a pineapple! :x

    Don't know the outcome. Hopefuly it was kicked into touch and the silly bitch was told "Jog on!".
  5. What do you expect from a government whose members have always despised the military?

    By the way, the Islamic paedophiles arrested in Forest Gate are in line for £500'000 compensation. I'm sure they may even donate some to the Labour Party.
  6. £150,000. Thats nearly nearly as much as Gerry Adams gets in parliamentary expenses.