C4 Mark of Cain Last night - TA view

Anyone else think that this pile of pants has done wonders for TA/Reg relations and helped the public perception of the TA.

i.e. part-timers who are hated by everyone in the regs and cr@p at soldiering freezing at the first sign of a contact?

Did any Army people who have served in Iraq (TA and Reg) consult on this?

Nice one!!!!!
Didn't see it as it was on Channel 4.

Hopefully, if it was as dubious as you say, the fact that it was on Channel 4 should limit it's impact. A bit like the Army recruiting adverts.
The inclusion of the 'weekend warrior'* in Mark of Cain last night was just an excuse to have a pop at yet another perceived failing of the Army which was the main effort of this 'docudrama'.

I was only surprised they failed to complain about their rifles or return to poor quality quarters at the end of their tour.

Yes the treatment of the TA angle was shoddy but so was the whole programme.

One question I have is how come, of all the soldiers there, was the TA bod a driver and fammed onto Wolf? No, don't answer, you'll only get me started...

*was that the best they could do?
It was a pile of steaming old pony. What was the point of this "drama"?

It can only serve to damage the already bad image the uneduacted public have on us (Reg or TA)

According to this rubbish we're a bunch of bullying cowrads, who enjoy watching forced Gay Iraqi sex.

Sounds more like Trisha that real-life.

I just hope the Army/MOD didn't assist in this. I'd be so surprised to hear they ahd helped the media make the Forces look bad (again!)
Oh and it came out on DVD last Monday, advertised all week in the Metro newspaper.

Excuse my many typo's. New computer and not sure where the keys are yet!
Right chaps, its on teleport replay, I watched it this morning.

What an absolute pile of shit it was. And it was a really bad show for Reg/TA relations.
Goku said:
The shows production company have a web forum, anyone fancy letting them know what you think of this garbage?

Letters by post have far more impact than emails these days, and Ch. 4 executives are obliged to answer them. So a minor deluge of ARRSErs' letters might make Ch. 4 and its film-makers pay attention.

Or not, if they were given the impression that the film actually had an impact greater than it seems to have had. An individual judgement, I think . . .

The Ch. 4 Commissioning Editor who tasked Tony Marchant to do this film is called Liz Marshall, and according to the Ch. 4 website, letters to her should be addressed to :

Channel 4 Enquiries
PO Box 1058
I just think the whole thiing was a pile of pants. I'd seen it advertised and read a bit in the paper about it so wanted to watch it, just to c what all the fuss was about.

As far as i can tell, all achieved was making the public's perception of guys in iraq even worse. Eventhough it was advertised as a drama, fiction!!!, u know that there will be a large number of people ( mostly the 'do-gooders') who will have watched it and taken it as more a documentary of the daily routine of blokes in iraq - patrol a bit, shoot random animals and then spend most of their time abusing iraqis and then stabbing each other in the back at the first opportunity.

I dont really see what the programs makers were tryin to achieve.
8952craig said:
I dont really see what the programs makers were tryin to achieve.
Make money by selling advertising slots around it, therefore, make it as controversial as they reasonably can to increase publicity and thus sting the advertisers for more. The truth and fair representation come a very distant second.

Sorry, you did not think they had some ulterior higher motive to inform, educate and entertain us did you?
Clearly it was just to make money - but you would of expected someone to of had the balls to stand up and say, hang on - this is crosing the line a bit?

Things that can have a large 'knock on' effect seem to be over looked, whereas mindless crap causes an outcry - remember all the publicity channel 5 got when rebecca loos tossed off that pig - and who did it really effect? i'm sure the pig enjoyed itself haha
Without sounding too "tinfoil hat" in my views I think "Mark of Cain" is now typical of how the truth is not in the hands of those who have earned the right to tell it.

Marchant is an opportunist and most certainly a second rate writer. I served with first rate soldiers and personel from all arms as a mobilised TA soldier and I am so very proud of what we achieved then and what our forces are achieving now.

I would like to see Marchant face a panel of HM forces and explain himself - now that would be good telly. Do it Marchant if you have the boll*cks.
SparkySteve said:
"On three times the pay and only a third of the training" - Really got my Goat, completely unfair comment.

I havent had ANY training!
I thought that, that was the biggest fiction in the entire film.

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