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C4 Documentary

Watched a docco on C4 last night entitled Gulf War - How the US and Britain got it wrong.
From what I could see, there wasn't all that much that went wrong with the ground war per se - apart from hopelessly optimistic Int being responsible for some real howlers - the US 'Decapitation' program (sic) for one.
The problem wasn't the prosecution of the war, but the justification for being there in the first place. If we just wanted to put an end to Saddam, have the spine to say just that instead of hiding behind the flawed WMD excuse...
I must keep reminding myself that most politicians' first duty is to keep themselves in power...
Any good John Mills movies on this afternoon?
i think the most interesting thing was the loss of faith in the inteligence provided. And the comment from one of the analysts about them 'Americanising' the int and its interpretaton.
The early comments from commander 7 armd bde and 1 div were very enlightening about kit shortages.
Liked the revelation that they did the most crucial bit of planning during a fag break behind the tent...
Ahhh... shades of the good old days, stiff upper lip, jumpers for goalposts, etc...
i thought it was a great documentary, shows the difference in mentality of British and US forces.

I feel however that a few US soldiers will be passed over for promotion.
I only caught the end but what I saw was interesting enough.

Was there any coverage of our objective out there? I can't for the life of me work out what it is. Now that Sadman is out of the picture can't we fcuk off and leave them to it?
the British deficiencies were mentioned in passing. But the best evidence we've got has to be the footage of our troops in green etc.

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