C4 alternative christmas day message

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mastergnr, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Some squaddies will do anything to get on TV!!
  2. Slab of beer for behind the Sqn Bar for that one Andrew!!
  3. Just a crate?? It should be a lot more than that! He's reading out a christmas message on TV!
  4. Best of luck to the individual concerned, but I'd be wary about being used by those barstewards at C4. Their agenda with the Christmas message isn't usually very Christmassy. Only C4 would run a series called 'Make me a Muslim' the week before Christmas.

    They love to be terribly alternative and ironic. Just be careful that you get your message across, not theirs.
  5. Did you watch it?
    The taxi driver was totally stupid. I am sure that they vet these people beforehand to make it look how they want. I.E. He was the only atheist there, all the others were people who were looking for something to believe in, one of them had tried about 5 religions before the programme, you could not make it up honest.
  6. Very, very well said.
  7. I work for the company making it (NOT Channel 4) & know the producer. It's on message, trust me.
  8. Lets just wait and see what the mesage is before we all get too excited.