Discussion in 'Sappers' started by gmorrison22, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Having read all I can about this by searching already, I've got a few questions myself.

    I'm awaiting my Phase 1 dates for RE Sigs, am I going to get in quicker than say an Electrician, due to C3S being a pinchpoint trade?

    Is the trade genuinely as dire as some of you make out? I'm not expecting a rollercoaster ride of a job as anything I could get in civilian life would be 10x as bad.

    I do intend to make a career of it, so say I did 8-12 years and did some quals while I was in, would I be able to go to BT and get a job with them? I'm not up to date on what quals you can achieve while serving.

    What does trade training actually consist of? I've read the ArmyJobs description so am I right in saying it's telephone lines/radios/batteries/voice procedure/other comms systems?
  2. yeah you could after 8- 12 tyears maybe after four with a decent resettlement package...but just dont do it mate, im doing it and im not a fan!
  3. I'm not too sure I think I may actually enjoy it, sounds like my kind of thing from the sounds of it. Also I had originally had my application in for Infantry then changed to this, don't want to seem like a total fruitloop to my recruiter by changing again especially after going through the selection process.
  4. im not trying to put a downer on it, and defo go for the engineers but dont go anything with specialist infront of it! ha
  5. What exactly don't you like about it? Are you in Phase 2 just now?
  6. read pms mate!
  7. Anyone one else got any insights?
  8. Yes..don't do it ,c3s is shite.......I was a signaller with RE....what a pants job...better off going in as a driver..you'll get qualifications you can actually use when you leave the Army..

    C3S quals are about as much use as tits on fish in civvieland!
  9. I start basic on the 6th of march and I'm going in on the path of c3s.... Is it really that bad? As opposed to working at tescos for a very few nuggets? Trust wasn't my first, second, or third choice...

    I'm grateful for having the chance of being a part of the RE...but if it is so dire, how difficult is the process of changing trade? Cheers dex.
  10. As the saying goes 'Opinions are like *********.........everyone's got one'.

    It is true that some people don't enjoy being a C3S but others live, eat and breath it, finding their vocation on the end of a radio set . It is an individual thing so don't be put off my other people's negative comments if that is what you want to do. Do your research thoroughly and make an informed choice based on what options are available to you with your academic qualifications. For many people their trade choice involves some level of compromise from what they would ideally like to do; how much compromise and where it occurs is obviously an individual decision. The RE Insight Course is the best way of researching all the Corps trade options and you can ask to be loaded onto it even if you have already passed Selection.
    Simply getting accepted into the RE is a huge achievement these days and enlistment can serve as a spring board for bigger and better things if you have the motivation to use the opportunities available. Service as a Royal Engineer is about so much more than just being a tradesman.
  11. As has been mentioned, some hate it, some love it. What it is to you, you can only say once you've done the training and have tried the job with a 'field' unit. That said, it's the same with any trade in the RE, you only find out if it's the job for you when it's done and dusted and you are well established in your first unit.

    Something important to remember though. The job description quoting "telephone lines/radios/batteries/voice procedure/other comms systems" has to be taken a little loosely. You may touch on some and learn others in a little more detail, but the systems you use will not really equate with many systems currently used in civvy street, so don't expect to be able to walk out of an RE HQ Sqn/Support Troop into the commercial communications field. Just so you know.
  12. MEC3S has always been the poor relation (despite the fact the RE pioneered telephone and radio communications in the army) when compared with other sapper trades. A bit like Marmite as Plant Pilot alluded to, even by those who practise it, and variously misunderstood or simply ignored as much as possible by those forced to use it as part of their day job elsewhere.

    Since I joined as a Combat Signaller the trade has become more technical and computer orientated. That said; the laws of physics haven’t changed and much of the underpinning skills are still relevant and necessary to learn if you are to provide effective communications even in the digital age. Digitization is an evolving subject, and much of the new equipment and the knowledge and skills required to operate it are directly transferable to civvy street, for others you will need to do some extra study and personal effort (as with most things in life) to get the qualifications you need/want. The sappers in general are very good at this and there are programmes in place within the trade and the corps to assist you.

    If you do a search of previous posts on this subject you’ll find a lot of differing opinions, and at the end of the day it’s a personal decision. You should also appreciate that the RE are effectively full (and can afford to be picky) so you will be ‘encouraged’ to fill trades that have vacancies (or perhaps get no place at all). However once you’re in the RE, trained and in unit you’ll have the opportunity to do all sorts of other things – a career in the sappers (or in the army in general) is pretty much what YOU make of it.
  13. Definitely no point going driver over CIS to get quals for civvie street because we get the same licences as the drivers now (so much so most my Sappers can't drive Landies because they only got famed up on the SV).

    I went through a period of hating the trade recently but it was a blip and I'm enjoying the job again now. As Two Old said above the CIS world is very computer orientated now and evolving all the time.

    Skills & qual's aren't directly transferable to BT but you get the base knowledge to give you a good start and there are always the opportunities to get the required civvie courses if you get off your ARRSE and do it.

    Fibre and Networking's the way ahead, you get a good insight in the corps. Be proactive, get on courses and you'll be set for life!
  14. Thank you all for the time and insight guys^. I'm just glad to have the opportunity more than anything... I'll be grabbing the bull by both horns..
    You get out what you put in!
    thanks again fellas! Dex
  15. Your welcome but if you ever use that F word round here again we'll break you in two! haha