C3S Technicians - Why are they in RE?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by moodymoddy, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. I was just over at the armyjobs website, looking at the C3S Tech [http://www.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/careers/trades/communications.htm] post. It appealed to me but I can't see why it isnt in the Royal Signals. Wouldn't that be a better corp for such a trade?

    [If theres an obvious answer, Sorry - This isnt a wah!]

    Also, Should I get in [I'm going to the recruiting office today to get the ball rolling!], Is there any requirements to gain before specialising in EOD? As I'd love to get some experiance with EOD eventually.

  2. The RE love to have their fingers in all the pies - thats probably why they are one of the best Corps to join.

    Royal Sigs were borne from the RE, so maybe there is still some residual requirements in the RE.

    As for EOD there are many threads on here reference that.

    RE EOD is a specialisation, you may get to do it, you may not.

    RLC EOD - Ammo Techs (you get a nice shinny badge like my avatar) - EOD is a large part, you wouldn't do it all the time, but we don't have to dig big holes to get to the bomb!
  3. C3S Tech RE - Every bugga has signallers/pressel pressers/chatty types. It's just a posher name for Driver - signaller or radio operator.

    In very simple terms; Royal Sigs sort out the comms (Allegedly) so other fookers (Regimental signallers, driver/rad ops, regular radio users, etc, etc.) can communicate with each other.

    If your next question is; Sigs do a fair bit of the chatting themselves, so why not post a Signaller from the Royal Sigs to the Engineers? I'm trying to think of something polite here, but I've drawn a blank.

    Going to the careers office today? Dress smart, clean shave, notebook & pen and an open mind. (Don't be afraid to ask a question or two.)

    Get yourself a shit load of info. Ask for info on;
    Royal Engineers
    Army Air Corps
    Also have a look at RAF and Royal Navy/Marines

    Have a good read through all the info you get, if nothing catches your eye, don't worry, have another read through it all, have another chat on here, if you still can't find anything interesting, pop back in the careers office and ask for some info on the Royal signals. :lol:

    Good luck mate! (Now get some fooking sleep!)
  4. I'm a C3S and yes, every part of the army, well that's a Close Support Corp at least has radio Ops.

    It's dog shit, don't do it. And definatly don't do driver, probably the worst thing to do. Get a real trade.
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  5. I will be quoting that for ever more. :D

    Please note however NT is a sprog C3S, went straight out to AFG with his Unit whereupon he was employed as a Storeman and I would hazard a guess and say hasnt really got to grasps with the many many things that real drivers and C3S do.

    It can be completely mind numbingly boring and repetitive, however there will be blokes of the trade who're up front and personal sending contact reports sitreps casreps heliquets and whatever else in realtime support of missions who are working hard and seeing the results of their actions providing the goods. Similarly the same can be said about drivers and their trade. We'd be fekked without them

    Engrs need all the blokes to be able to do the job that we do. Pointless attaching a sig as he cant build bridges or do reserve dems.
  6. Or more importantly won't have any clue about what he is recieving or sending when reffering to ENGR equipment.

    From what I've seen on this tour, it's good experiance being an Infantry signeller, they send all the contact reports and call in airstrikes etc I went to a FOB and the only signelling I done was send 1 sitrep perday, rest of the time it was 'Ands on...' However I preffered working with a field troop, is bare conditions, in the most remote, and distant Fob from Bastion, sleeping in two dost bags at night cause it was so cold over the ops room.
  7. Agree with NT - don't join as an RE C3S. It's mind numbing - choose a real trade like POM, etc.
  8. [
    Going to the careers office today? Dress smart, clean shave, notebook & pen and an open mind. (Don't be afraid to ask a question or two.)

    Get yourself a s*** load of info. Ask for info on;
    Royal Engineers
    Army Air Corps
    Also have a look at RAF and Royal Navy/Marines

    ....why get info on more the god corps on the top line!!!

    RE makes you bleed red and blue!!

    AAC all owe some thanks to Re as forefathers and our stable belt doesnt have yellow in it!!

    if you're up for a laugh, like getting dirty and can work in a team to play silly drinking games against other teams then join the RE. however dont go in as a sig, try plant op then if your maths is crap go sigs systems....
  9. Or more simplistic jobs like Driver or resources. Join KBR, probably get paid more.

    Also, don't get posted to an HQ squadron.
  10. Hello mate

    Just to reinforce what some have said:

    All Arms and services have their integral communicators and in a lot of instances provide a career path from Private soldier to Warrant Officer. These comms specialists deal with all comms systems at Battle group (Regimental) level and below.

    The Royal Signals tend to deal with Formation (Brigade) level and upwards and specialist communications, they do sometimes embed personnel into Battalions however these are usually small rear link detachments to provide specific communications from Battle Groups to brigades.

    As has been said, the Engineers offer a huge variety of trades that historically have been far more useful for a soldiers return to civilian life and there will always be a need for tradesmen so a trade is the way ahead, unless, like me you are thick 8O and it was either Sigs, Dvr or squeak (in the days that you could simply be a de-file marker :wink: ).

    With the advent of BOWMAN there is the opportunity for a comms spec to gain a variety of IT hardware and software skills through courses over and above the operators courses, such as Application Specialist, LAS management, Systems management, Systems administration etc. A word of warning though is that all parts of the army offer the same to their signallers and you certainly wont specialise to the depth of the Royal Signals so don’t necessarily accept the line that you will be some sort of Bill Gates on return to being a civvie.

    As for comms being boring & sh*t. Having spent over 25 years in the army (not 25 minutes like some giving advice :roll: ), the vast majority of which has been in the field army and almost 9/10ths as a signaller, I can safely say I have been stretched, challenged, satisfied, bored sh*tless, scared sh*tless, thrilled, and experienced disappointment, tremendous achievement and enormous pride as well as a whole host of other emotions. But that’s probably the same as a hell of a lot of the others on this site.

    Sigs, can be tedious at times, however it can give an extreme buzz, I know for a fact that some of the first British RE’s into Iraq on op TELIC where signallers, REBRO ops that deployed in with the Americans to provide comms for their Regts as they deployed forward, not to shoddy for “Shiny Arrses”

    Comms is not for everyone and will probably not give you the best transferable skills if you are only staying for a few years, however, if you join the RE and take all the opportunities to do some of the other stuff as well (Combat Engineering, MACC tasks, Armd, Air Sp, Close Sp, Amph, Para, Cdo, EOD, Diver, Adv Trg, Sport and on and on), you are in for a superb ride (God I sound like an advert :D ).

    I hope this helps
  11. Question - C3S Technicians - Why are they in RE?

    Answer - None of us know!
  12. Could be worse, could be a wannabee tankie with out a big gun :wink:
  13. Real Tanks dont have turrets. :roll:

    Mind you - I'm still a gunner mech, crew commander and a sapper to boot!

    That means (Tank trained - sigs trained - Sapper trained - turret trained).

    No wannabe - i am lol
  14. Now your just showing off :p :p
  15. So how does the role of a signaller change in an Armd unit on ops, I've heard it's differant than from a Field regiment.