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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by machie, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Right... I went down AFCO last week as I have pre selection on Weds and ADSC on Monday. On the booklet I was given it says Phase 1 - 14 weeks. Then Phase 2 in Minley 10 weeks.

    When I spoke to the recruiter he said about phase 2a and phase 2b which made me slightly worried as I never heard about this until then and worrying about the interviews in ADSC now, I'm doing my research online and can see

    Just wondering how long phase 2b will be for C3S, any help is much appreciated as I don't want to look like a fool which hasn't done his revision in ADSC.

  2. I had my selection last month, and they didn't really ask me any questions about training or what not, they just give you a brief formal interview at the end telling you how you did, I too chose royal engineers to do command, communications and informations systems specialist, which only lasts 10 weeks, as for c3s have you tried google? Or maybe give your recruiting officer a ring they'll always know the answer, better than getting there and not knowing your stuff. Hope this helps :)
  3. I thought communications and informations systems specialist was a C3S? How'd it go mate you pass? They're the ones driving us down to pre-selection on weds so I'll double check with him. Thanks for reply.
  4. I think it is my bad, I've heard so many abbreviations I forget what it is to be honest. Yeah got an A thanks mate, don't get babied like you do at your pap and pre selection, on your pre selection it's the exact same as your pap to be honest. No worries hope it was some help, and good luck.
  5. army Jobs just replied to me on Facebook, I'll post comment here so that it may help others.

  6. Haha its alright I did and still do it :) so much different information! Glad I could be of help :)
  7. Sappers, top corp best blokes!!
  8. I'm a girl :) haha
  9. have you had a start date yet annabelc
  10. You will do a 10week b3 combat engineer course at gib barrracks, then once you done that you will either go straight onto your sigs course at the same place for another 10weeks.

    enjoy fleet
  11. No I havent yet machie, spoke to my recruiter yesterday and he reckons August time but don't have a specific date. Hope your pre selection and selection go well
  12. Horrible trade.
  13. Whys it a horrible trade?