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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by amnesia1986, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Hey just wondering if the trade C3 Systems in the engineers is a good choice? :D and aould like to hear off anyone whos already doing the trade wether its a good choice thanks.
  2. It's shite !

    Although, I've just spent two weeks tabbing in the snow and the Sig's lot were all warm in ops room and make shift fobs, so it does have it's bonuses if you think about it that way.

    On tour, it's mind numbingly boring. I'm Sig's, but recently been streamed out of that way for a year or so and glad of it.
  3. just out of curiosity is youre trade C3 Systems? and do they do what it says on the job brief on the army website?
  4. Sigs, in this instance is C3.
  5. :roll: Read that bit as, "but too hard for me, so moved sideways, out of harms way". :D

    Q (ME C3S)Bluntslane.
  6. I was C3S for a little over 8 years. Served in Armoured and in NI, and loved it!
    It's a bit of a marmite job. You either have a real interest, get a good troop etc... Or you get pushed/tricked into doing it and spend most of career trying to get out of it!
    It can be a thoroughly rewarding job, especially at the higher levels (Brigade level support etc...), and also mind-numbingly boring! Try a night shift in an Ops room, with nothing but white noise coming over the HF net! Enough to send the best of sappers slightly barmy!
    It is a trade with a fair bit of opportunity, as long as you are willing to work at it and have the necessary skills to do the job well.
    Also, without comm's you can't do anything! So, you are in actual fact one of the most important assets on the ground! Whether you're sat in a nice warm CV, or lumping around a radio as the section/troop rad-op!
    I know that I wouldn't have got to do half the interesting jobs in NI if I hadn't been in my trade! ;)
    Hope this helps...
  7. thanks everyone helps alot :D
  8. unlike fecking scaleys .... :wink:
  9. Yer'll need better bait than that, lah! :roll:
  10. Ive just finished my C3s training,
    i joined last march with no idea what sigs entailed (obv using a radio) but other than that i had no idea and everyone i asked had different views of what it was,

    but i done 10 weeks training and absolutely loved it! some bits were a bit boring but what job doesn't have its boring bits! but trust me when its -10 and snowing and ur on stag/on patrol you will be wishing you are in an ops room, its not all ops room based! most of our learning was out on the ground
  11. thanks for the info on C3S...dont want to be a pain but just wonderd if you give me some more info: how tough was basic? whats combat engineering like? do you do youre 4 weeks driving straight after youre combat engineering? and how did you find doing youre C3S training? sorry to be a pain but any info would be much appreciated thanks.

  12. Good luck with the training... :soldier: