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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by musiclifesoul, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I am joining the Royal engineers and i am unsure what to do! i think i have narrowed it down to these two ( C3 Systems or Combat Engineer).
    I Plan on staying in the army for most of if not all of my working life but if i had to come out i would rather have something i can transfer onto civvi street.
    i like the idea of getting out there into the thick of it but i also like the idea of using my noggin'!!

    Any advice is welcome!!

  2. Everybody less bandsman are combat engineers. C3S is a pretty parp trade really which you won't get much out of. I would recommend an artisan trade all the way.
  3. ive just spoken to my recruiter and he has pointed me towards UAV operator if i didnt want C3s.
    from looking at all of the posts on ARRSE C3s is not what i thaught it was.

    Is UAV operator a good choice or just another push by the army to make numbers?
  4. Best ask in the Artillery forum for that. Bear in mind that it is a very small trade so you will hammered for tours. Also what the fcuk are you going to do in civvy street when you eventually leave the Army after X amount of years as a UAV operator? There's not really a huge calling for it in civvy street!
  5. Im ntot oo botherd about the tours! i plan to get as many as i can (as weird as every1 says that sounds) apart from model plane flying i can't think of anything too...
  6. When you are going on a 6 month tour once every 18 months and with 6 of those 12 months between tours spent on exercise I'm pretty sure you'll soon get threaders! I'm not trying to tell you not to do it I am just putting across some facts learned from 11 years of being in the Army. Whilst being a UAV operator may be great fun whilst you are in the Army it's of fcuk all use when you come to get out and that's what you've got to think about.
  7. Thats a fair point!

    my dad has been hitting me with 'what will you do on civvi street' ever since i started the joining process and thats what pushed me towards C3s, i can see alot more out there for comms than most others i was offerd.
    ive had a look around on this website and others and alot of people seem to slate C3s, do you know why?
  8. Because as a C3S you will sit in a Landie or 432 listening to a radio and that's about it. On ops you will sit in the ops room and that's just as boring. By getting an artisan trade you have a job that you can do on civvy street, qualifications that civvys recognise and a chance to apply to be a Clerk of Works if you want to. This involves 2 years of bloody hard work but decent promotion, a foundation degree when you finish the course and an opportunity to enrole on a modular masters paid for by the Army. It is the best resettlement package the Corps offers (well that's one way of looking at it). Being serious now very few Clerk of Works struggle to get a well paid job when they leave.
  9. Ah.. im lookin for something where i can get my boots on teh ground, i did look at rech mech but i am 1 grade out on my maths! they want a D and i have an E!
    i dont think i would like artisan type jobs, im not too great at the fine attention to detail im more into mechanical and computer things!

    i will have to get the list of jobs and study what i can do again!

    Cheers for the advice!!
  10. Artisan is our term for our construction trades as opposed to driver, tankie, signaller or res spec. Artisan trades are things like brickie, chippy, sparky, planty, building & structural finisher etc. You are thinking of the REME VM trades; ours are a completly different kettle of fish.
  11. i dont think i have a nack for chippy or a bricky i dont thinkits my sort of thing.
    im better with the mechanics of how things work, i.e i can take something complex apart (engine or computer) and put it back together. thats why i thought rechmech
    im having this battle between infantry and RE i want thhe best of both worlds
  12. A Recovery Mechanic go's out and collects broken/bogged in/blown up vehicles (drinks brews checks his CES and eats shit butties). A Vehicle Mechanic fixes them.
  13. thanks for clearing that up spaz, i mite see if i can talk my way into getting the recruter to get me a mechanic posistion!
  14. You require GCSE D or above in Maths English and Double Science, or the equivalent.

    Link here.
  15. Thanks for the link!
    i have everything apart from the maths which sucks!!