C2 sight on gpmg

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by woody, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1.  Anyone know or can point me in the right direction to
    tell me  if the C2 sight on the gpmg in sf mode has  ever
    been used in active service ?
       I asked about in my unit and even those nco who had done course did not know .and the only photos i saw in the gulf  had the gpmg  mounted on tripod without sight . personally i cant see what advantage the  c2 sight gives that a decent optic /night sight would
      havent done map predicted fire yet .but surely machine guns shouldnt try to be mortars?
  2. Map predicted fire is and it isn't like mortar fire. Indirect but a smaller area covered.

    Useful in defence situations as you can map out potential enemy FUPs and have standing patrols out. As soon as you see the en move into one, standing ptl gets on the blower and lets the guns know.

    Makes your day pretty rotten if you're lying in the FUP waiting to go when a hail of 7.62mm starts landing on you and you can't even see where it's coming from.

    Can also be used for route denial, covering obs in dead ground, suppressing known en depth pos and various other tasks. Heard rumours that a MG section (3 guns) could make a beaten zone big enough to do real damage to a dismounted infantry company in a FUP.

    Just another support weapon like the mortar and highly effective.

    We have the C2 sight in our unit but I haven't been with the MG Pl long enough to comment on it's advantages/disadvantages/use in active service but I can find out for you in a couple of days.
  3. The advantage the c2 sight has over optis/night sight is that once you have layed onto a target and taken the readings you can then relay onto that target in any weather. A nightsight cannot see through fog and it certainly cant see out to 3000m's or through woods. MPF works quite well as we found out earlier this year at Feldome 5B. We arranged 8 Fig 11 tgs in a cross formation (layed flat on the ground) covering approx 30m's. We fired 100rds per gun (6 guns) at the target using MPF. All but 2 of the fig11's had at least 1 hit. For MPF to be effective barings, grids and readings must be accurate. Also it is a usefull sop to always set up for MPF when occupying a gun line.  
  4. :) yeah i know the theory of the C2  sight .but has it ever been used for real ?
  5. I believe that both 2 and 3 para used it down south in 82. Used offensively at Goose Green, GPMG SF was whacking down a beaten zone at considerable range to keep argy heads down in their holes. Perhaps someone who was there could confirm this?

    I subsequently soldiered with an ex 2 para tom who humped two Mk 83 containers of 1 bit from San Carlos to Goose Green (and none too happy about it either). Unlikely that 1 bit would be used in the rifle section GPMGs but I could be wrong. (In those days, of course, we had GPMG at section level).
  6. 1 bit is usully used at night 4 bit during the day, it could be that the supply situation 'down south' ment that 1 bit got issued instead of 4 bit, who knows.
    As to the C2's use in offensive ops, it is useless unless the targets have been marked and recorded, so the iorn sight is use in the attac, although the C2 could be used on the inital assault, when the guns moved forward the target data would be no use.
  7. So the gun works whichevery one knows but the sight is untried in battle
    oh well guess we carry on with it till we get its replacement :D same time we get bowman i guess
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Oooh I saw photo's of it mounted on a GPMG in '82 so I suspect that it qualifies as "used". Whether the weapon ever got fired though I don't know.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The only real SF gun is still the Vickers. Yes the water-cooled WW1 item. No it's not unweildly, mount it on a veh. SADF did it expertly, three on a Unimog and indirect fire (map predicted) drops death & destruction on those you're none too chuffed with. Sorry if it seems old fashioned but it has been proved to work. Again and again. (Got bugger all to do with the C2 sight, but what the hell)
  10. C2 sight has been used. In interdiction fire in defense and in pre-arranged area denial (SF foot posts placed in day and SF tripod placed at night) before night sights were de rigour (pre 82).
  11. [​IMG]
  13. Yes it has been used for 'real' on T1, H4 and H8 and I should imagine on other tours. Not often though as simply fitting the viper sight or CWS was found to be much more effective at quick target acquisition and actually being able to see the target area itself through the sight.
  14. Bloody hell. When this thread was started Woody was only getting nearly old, now he's quite old!
  15. Hey I resemble that remark . :D got an answer though cheers fallschirmager .