C1 Training Injuries

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yeo_Man, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Ok so we are training under C1 and a soldier sustains an injury which means he can’t return to work on Monday. Under normal circumstances he would continue to be paid by the army.

    I take it that under C1 training the soldier has no right to payment for injury? Can’t get to a set of regs at the moment to check this.

    Anyone come across the situation?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    I believe this is the relevant section:

    a. Misconduct or Negligence. When a wound or injury is due to a member ’ s misconduct or negligence, the award will be subject to reduction or possible rejection, according to the circumstances of the particular case. The judgement of the Regional Bde HQ and/or any Board of Inquiry proceedings (if held) will be crucial factors in assisting the TA Pay Wing APC to come to a decision.
    b. Rank. Rank for the purpose of Disability Allowance, is to be the substantive rank 59 held by the member.
    c. Withholding or Reduction of Payment. In other circumstances payment may be withheld or issued at a reduced rate if full, normal payment is not considered to be justified.
    d. Rates of Disability Allowance. Disability Allowance for total incapacity is paid at the same rate as the claimant ’ s rate of TA Pay. (See also para 8.016) Disability Allowance for partial incapacity is paid at the appropriate pension rate dependant on the degree of disability. (See also para 8.019c.)
    1. Acting rank will only be taken into account if it has been held for the qualifying periods designated in Article 143 of the Army Pensions Warrant 1977.
    2. Individuals on Category C-1 or C-2 duties at the time are entitled to be assessed as though they had been in receipt of pay.
  3. Msr

    Thank you, I did wonder if this might be the case. As I had a Tpr sustain an injury playing rugby under C1 many years ago and seemed to remember that he was then assessed for pay.

    In asking the TA to train at C1/C2 I suspect the CoC has not taken this in to account.

  4. How many service-attributable injuries do you get in a training year? %age of your annual pay budget spent on such? Whereas I'm sure they didn't take it in to account, I don't really think it was a relevant consideration.
  5. Idrach

    Fair observation, but not the main point of my post. The comment about the CoC was an aside. I wanted to be sure of my ground when this happens.

    As we have had one or two fairly prolonged injuries lasting several months.

    I know should be more careful about breaking soldiers. :twisted:

  6. Perhaps - but when you do get a long term injury the sums can add up - at 7 days a weeks. We had several where the injured person was claiming for months, one went over a year and ended up leaving the TA on a military disability pension. They had served for exactly three weeks when injured.

    Injured soldiers - <1% of manpower - but 7% of MTD budget !