C1 Training for Institute of Advanced Motorists

Dear All,

Given that the MOD pays for all traffic accidents itself and that the IAM claims to reduce accidents by 50-70%, would it not make sense for C1 (not paid, but you get mileage) training to be provided to allow the TA to attend the IAM course with their local group on Sunday mornings? The £85 joining/training/testing fee to be refunded on successful completion of the test.

Fully agree with this idea. Can we include Motorcycles also? 8)
Personally I don't see why not, however, it may be difficult to justify unless your TA role includes riding a motorcycle.

It is a good idea if you have access to it (and most people do if you look into it) to do it any way. Some insurance companies give discounts to your premiums if you have passed which will eventualy recoup what you have payed in the first place.

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