C1 or is it now C2

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Londonpride, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Looks like what was originally going to be C1 training for drill nights (as we were 1st told) is now going to be C2.
    Any one else heard this one?
  2. Based on posts in the other threads depends on your unit - we're still on C1 but others have gone to C2
  3. I think the lads in N'Ireland have recently gone to C4 8O
  4. That's funny isn't it? Cunt.
  5. Looks like we're on C2 but command is fighting for C1... I hope they're successful.
  6. I like it, am going to use that quite a bit over the next few days, with your leave, (a donation to H4H will duly be sent).
  7. Chill petal, it was quite amusing.
  8. You can have mate! Seems to get precious girls biting so be careful where you use it (oh, and I hope the lads are all alright aswell)
  9. Very. A drop of wee actually fell out of my enlarged glans.

  10. the next tranche of in year savings...and i'm sure there will be one.....states the measures will be draconian....so C2 is on the way....however I hope not
  11. Thank you, all are fine and considering that the camp was opened officially in 1958 and that the vast majority of the Sqn has done at least one operational tour at some point, never mind training through the "troubles", it really isn't too much of a drama.

    a very brief history: (although the latter bit needs updating, CVR(T) SCIMITAR now with BGTI)

  12. is there a listing of what the differences are for the 'C' NUMBER training codes? or if someone has posted a response to this already can someone send a link or a PM

    mts nts
  13. TA Regs, Ch2:

  14. The current guidance is that if drill night training is part of or in support of the output priorities, it is to be paid. Obviously, the CoC have to take hard decisions as to what training is applicable and who does it, as they are the ones who will have to justify the expenditure.

    All other drill night training is to be C1 - not C2 - but is to be reduced to twice a month where possible.
  15. As our new ME is retention and with only one weekend booked in for full pay etc between now and April, we have decided to consider the option of voting money across from all 3 messes for an AT weekend to try and break up the bleak non-existant trg programme. Anyone else putting their hands into their own coffers to support the retention issue???

    On an up side, when you look at time between now and April there are approximately 22 weeks to go (equivalent to around 5.5 MTDs for Tues trg, but holidays/xmas will reduce this naturally anyway.) Christmas is usually lean for us for trg weekends, and November includes Remembrance, which I don't mind doing for free anyway!!! So actually you are only looking at Jan, Feb and Mar which only has possibly 6 weekends trg that'd normally be occurring. Not many people would make all 6 weekends anyway so actually the amount of trg we are missing out on is not necessarily as bad as you might think -

    my tin hat and kevlar coat please