C1 on drill nights

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by leemund, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    We were told last night that C1 will be done on drill nights unpaid. Is this something that is being done across the board?
  2. Not across the board, but I think everyone has been told to cut there budgets...maybe it's up to the individual unit how they do it.

    Our adventure training is C1 now.

    What unit you in?
  3. don't do it. IMHO any in-uniform training or work must be paid.

    If your unit wants to save money they should tell you not to turn up at all.

    Once we start turning up for free it is a slippery slope.
  4. I couldn't agree with this more. Give them a yard and they will take a mile. A very dangerous precidence (sp) to set. It may be casula employment but it is employment nether the less. If you had a part time job at Tesco would you work for Free?

    AT Battlefield tours are a different matter.
  5. Well they have said they're checking if its non-compulsory as its unpaid. But I don't really want to have my balls broke by the SM for not turning up.
    I suppose I wouldn't work for Tesco, let alone if they didn't pay me.
  6. As you are casual labour, you can turn up when you want. If you don't want to train for nothing, don't turn up.

    If, however, you recognise that there is no cash left in the system and that this same cost-saving measure has been taken before (unsuccessfully - it got binned when people realised that the wheels were falling off the wagon), you might want to play the game, turn up for C1 training and take the financial hit.

    If it allows your unit to focus on providing good quality training with the MTDs they save on drill nights, this might be a good thing.
  7. If they're not paying you, then f**k them. And Drill Nights have NEVER been compulsory so f**k them again.

    Sounds oddly like crap management to me.

    My viewpoint on C1 for drill nights? I have to travel about 10 miles by bus to get to my TAC from work. I'm not wasting that time and money for nothing.
  8. You should still receive your travel costs if you do C1 training.

    I've said it before, but I may aswell say it again - I've volunteered to do C1 training long before this latest budget reductions hit. Being in the TA shouldn't be about the money.

    I rarely turn up for Drill Nights, when I do it's either because I'm more in the shite than normal, or there is the prospect of actually doing something worthwhile. Either way, it inevitably has some impact on my civvy job - moving meetings, working even later to make up for the time out of office, etc.

    Making Drill Nights C1 or even a full days pay wouldn't matter, it's about benefit to the indivudual and the organisation. Those that see it differently should question why they're even in the TA.
  9. No it's not across the board.

    Either don't parade (it's not a f*cking hobby - so don't do it for nothing) or transfer to a unit that does get paid for their drill nights.

    Vote with your feet. It's the only way.

  10. C1 training should be only for training which isn't in green kit, so that could involve a run or other types of PT, social events, AT or Battlefield Studies etc. Training which is green regardless of whether it is section battle drills, Det maintainance or report writing should be paid. Units are certainly trying to save MTDs and that might result in one drill night a month being C1, with the caveat that all training is of the nature I have previously mentioned.
  11. Our CO once said to the officers of the regiment... " I don't do the TA for the money, but I wouldn't do it without the money".

    I think that is fair way to view things....
  12. In my last unit 18 odd months ago we suffered by having the one parade night a month chopped. We also had mtd's reduced dramatically.

    Note, I said last unit, it no longer exists.

    Figure it out for yourself
  13. Is it really so hard to give up 1/4 day's pay? If the company that pays your day job wages asked for one day a month cut in pay to help save the company would you tell them to sod off? It's not that long ago since British workers did exactly that to help the economy, have we changed that much? It's not a lot that's being asked and hopefully it won't be for long. If you've joined the TA for the money then you joined the wrong thing, the pay isn't that much and surely 1/4 day of it can't have that big an impact on your lives.

    edited for errant comma
  14. exactly, therefore the final costs for that saved will ultimately be so much more.
  15. perhaps we should ask the regulars not to get paid for saturdays and sundays....?