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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tankieboy, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. I am thinking of joining the TA. No offence to others, I do not wish to join the Infantry, Engineers/REME, Logistics, Sigs or Medics.

    The reason why the RY is that I am ex 2RTR. This however is a problem as Croydon is almost 50 miles from where I am. I know of no other Yeomanry closer.

    Can someone from -if any- The RY put some light on life in the Yeomanry?

    I am 32 but thinking with my previous this will not pose a problem.
  2. Age is within published TA limits TB , and it is also at the OC's discretion above that , but 99% probability getting in , in most cases.

    50 miles is a bug*er to drive after a hard weekend mind , are you closer to London or Croydon?
  3. I used to get the bus/tube home ( 5 miles) after a weekends Ex and the lads who drove 50 miles or over were already in the bath relaxing while I was trying to remember if I had left my keys in the TAC! :oops:

    Also, you get paid travel expenses everytime you turn up :wink:
  4. 50 miles is nothing these days and like RGSM says " you get paid the travel" which works out to be a tidy sum !

    Just go for it, chances are your like it and stay on forever !
  5. In addition to Croydon the RY have Sqns in Chelsea (Soon to be Fulham) (W Sqn), Swindon (A Sqn), Leicester (B Sqn) or Nottingham (S Sqn)

    If one of those is closer try them instead.

    I can get you contact details for them if you need - pm me
  6. Isn't there one near Salisbury ? not a Sqn obviously
  7. As someone who also is willing to travel for the ability to serve in a Yeomanry sqn I can sympathise somewhat. It used to take me an hour now, with a transfer, it will be taking me between two and a half to three. I also know of others who travel, from further. So you won't be a single example of someone travelling a way to get there.

    The one problem you may find, however, is recovering your travel expenses. This has always been limited to 30 miles for myself which, I was told, was the maximum available.

    Someone else more pay guru minded however may be able to tell if this is wrong or a way around it.
  8. I will have to use the train.

    Thanks for your advice guys. From the responce here and Via PM it will be a good move if I decide to go for it.

    Apart from the skills I have and waste atm gained from almost 10 years in (Chief, CR1, CR2 Crewman, Con Sig and RMA 3 to name the main) I miss the "life".

    I would like to do more service but only as I said under a black beret.
  9. Try the Bovington Boys if you are ex-2RTR, most of them are :lol:

    A (Dorset Yeomanry) Squadron

    Allenby Barracks, Bovington Camp, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 6JA. Tel: 01929 402013

    They wear black berets and black coveralls and ACTUALLY crew vehicles - CR2, Warrior, AS90, CVRT, Engr variants, 432s etc

    The RY don't have any vehicles, but I think they have some stripped down Landies
  10. A train to Wool...

    No thanks. Done too many times in the past.

    I thought the RY had CVR(T).
  11. RY have just converted from MBT/NBC role to CVR(T)/NBC role. As I understand it most units will still train on landies but the sqn who is affiliated to a regiment preparing to deploy will recieve the use of the regiments CVR(T) vehicles for additional training. How accurate this is I'm not sure as it is from one source.
  12. That sounds good to me. As for the blot, bang and rub, shame on me for laugthing at 1RTR.
  13. Look on the bright side... it's easier to wash down/fix/recover a landie ;)
  14. Although most of the old and bold have gone and all soon will be wearing same overalls and beret as rest of regiment, (and about time to) also sabre sqn members have full licences as well, a lot of Dorset can only load off load from transporters now. Of course this could just be sour grapes from the sabre squadrons :D