C Sqn JLR RAC Sept 1977 to Dec 1979......

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by SkiBum, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Does any one remember the little bully of a Sgt from 14th/20th, who was the main PS for this intake? Definately suffered from "Small Mans Disease"!! Would like to re-pay him for wacking me in the nuts, with his drill stick.
    Most of the other PS, knew it wasn't the real army and treated us like young adults.
    Escalation, etc, etc, still bring back nightmares. But we did it and survived. So maybe it did us some good.
    Aside from that, I hope all those from this intake are making the most of life. I am!
    I heard one ended up as RSM of 2RTR, few years ago now. One is flying the GMP (Greater Manchester Police) Helicopter.
    What are the rest of you reprabates up to?
  2. I were in the same troop as you. Post this back to the RAC thread onto the JLR RAC subject & you get more replies :D
  3. I too think this should be back in its original Forum and would get more interest. JLR RAC was part of the Royal Armoured Corps and we wore the badge proudly. Juniors as a Forum sounds like it refers to multi unit slightly underage, for regular service, persons and is not the same as the old JLR regiments which ever arm of the sevice they were attached to. please Mr Moderator or whoever. We are coping with the no names bit but underhand comments about Rugrats getting lost are not necessary. In my humble experience (IMHE) Junior Leaders from all arms were far better map readers and navigators than the regulars we joined, and as for most of the officers I will not need to be rude cos most of you will know what I mean. ie. Lions led by donkeys ring any bells!! We spent days and weeks orientering nuf said.... My only consession is this could have been included in the existing JLR thread. Move to the right in threes!!! :arrow: :p
  4. Thanks for the comments. After much copying and pasting, I think I've attached this (my bit at least) onto the end of the JLR RAC thread. I think it appears else where, but "Tango Siera".
    Totaly agree, we were and still are part of the RAC. We all gave 15 months+ of our lives, before our time started!!!