C Sqn 16/5 QRL

I'm interested to hear from anyone who served with C Sqn especially 4 Tp between 1984 & 1985. I have left the Army and just thought I would catch up with anyone who served with me during my career, Which also included RE and AGC(SPS).
Check out QRL/old mates web site
spank_the_monkey_to_death said:
scarletto said:
No use to you i was B and D Sqdn then, though Killer P****L is doing well as is Sandy S***f**d , Not seen Nev online for a bit?
Scarletto, do you have any B SQN photo's from Herford, particularly the Brooke cup 5th Troop won?
No mate, nor when we won the Brooke cup in Tidworth or Woofers. Id go onto Pims site for photos, he has zillions of the Reg.

(Note to self, when ones career revolved around winning the Brooke Cup twice, it shows i had a shite career really :) )
Just a quick question chaps know it is about a month too late but didnt see the point in making a new thread i got me interview tomorow, where do the queens royal lancers do there phase two training ? Been looking on internet and got a bit confuzed is it catterick or bovington or neither ? :?
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