C.R. nightmares

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A quick rant on the subject of C.R.s :x

Why is it that crafties have such a drama getting a C.R. ? :evil:

I know of lads that have had to push for a C.R. 4-5 months after it is due only to have a new P.C. rush them one out, usually resulting in a carbon copy/ or extremely bland pen picture not reflecting the person in question.

I am sure there are no officers going without C.R.s so why is it us minions have to fight to get a C.R. on time. :?

It is a kick in the teeth when you have grafted for the year, organised functions etc to have a C.R. that says exactly the same as 5 other crafties in the section ranging from the workshy to the mentally handicapped.

I am sure there are people out there who will say they have the right to appeal/not sign etc but at the end of the day get your average crafty in front of the P.C. and chances are he will sign first and ask questions later.
We suffer greatly on the lack of CRs (I know, I'm only a stab). In 5 years, I've had 2. This years one is being done by an officer from another CORPs because we don't have an OC. Not only that, but the bloke is never there to write them.

How can people sit a promotion board when they haven't had a CR?

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