C or D Sqn RMLY? help!!

This may sound a bit patronising but you have gone and had a look at both units and talked to the people there haven't you?
Both good Squadrons, follow the advice above and pay them a visit. D Sqn drill on a Wednesday and C Sqn on a Thursday so you could do both in a week...
Thanks for the feed back, going to C SQN next week as i will miss this week due to night shift, D have an an induction night first Wed of the month so i will have to wait for that one.
Trying to get as much info before i put a transfer request in with the unit i'm with now.
In two minds as the grass is not always greener, and the weather is getting better and we have a bike club in this unit.
Who are you with just now? You can always PM if you don't want to go public!
C Sqn have a good family feel about them, I haven't seen as much of D recently but they always used to have a similar ethos.
The training should be improving this year with more actually getting out on the ground so if last year's training isn't much to shout about then don't worry about it. We had a guidon parade last year and loads of guys on tour so it was a bit of a funny one.
Anyway, if you are 'going cav' you can't go wrong!
Enjoy the visits.
Sorry i dont do PM, not on a first date.
i'm a pay clerk and i dont want to say the unit, but i'm sure one of these places will be what i'm looking for, shame i cant play on the tanks as they look like fun.
Are you a member, you can always go PM me if you dont want to go public. lol
As a pay clerk I am surprised you are waiting for an induction night!!
Thought they would have welcomed someone who could count with open arms!!

Not particularly shy, I am with B Sqn down in the south (trying to avoid the Telford bit) but am posted out at present, so hopefully will see you in six months!
They say that all new bods go on an induction night as its there way of keeping track of people, i didnt tell them much as the guy on the phone was going on a bit and i couldnt get a word in, i will have a word with their recruiter when i get there.
he sounds like he has an agenda of his own that mon, self importance rules as does lying and forgetting about what is important to others :cyclopsani:
C sqn is attached to a regular base whilst D sqn isnt, so C might have access to more faciltiys on a weeknight, but both good units. remember though you have to be good at eating pies for D sqn! Anyway good luck with the application and I hope to see you around
C Sqn is far better.........go there and grow a large nose.......Gonzo SQN!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............."Large Nose Sqn" has a ring to it!!
The_Vet said:
C Sqn is far better.........go there and grow a large nose.......Gonzo SQN!!!!!!!!!!!!!..............."Large Nose Sqn" has a ring to it!!
or a large Tash. All those on the guidon parade will know who i mean!
NINJA69 said:
I think so as i hear the D SSM is a :pissedoff:
what are you trying to achieve by posting C or D Sqn help as we know you are already in the RMLY, if your intention is to stir things between the two sqns it isn't going to work as both sqns have a very good working relationship. Also if you want to make comments about me then step into my office wed night where we can have a quiet chat about things and yes I do know who you are.
to ninja69 as you wont answer your phone i feel i have to post on here minesalarger has been in touch an he thinks you are me tell him its not true i dont wanna stamp my feet a port fine is one thing but gettin me pants pulled down an havin me arse slapped is a no no in my book.....be warned i will unleash the swords of power on your ass if you dont remedy this problem
Sorry to hear that i offended you and you think that i'm stirring it between your Squadrons, that was not the case.
If you want to have a chat then give me a bell as because you know me then you will have my number.
hey ninja69r have they found out yet (there's a witch hunt on) stay clear of the dark side and let your grey hairs grow through, either that or get your missus to cut it down to the wood.

not seen you in ages how is married life?

do you see much of the backdoor(ali) ?
as to which sqn to join its a lesser of two evils realy as you may need an interpreter at both of them wiganese is real hard to grasp :wink:

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