C of E propose St George rejection

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Goku, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. As I cant find a link on the net.
    Extracts taken from the Daily Mail, July 3rd 2006, page 5

    Things like this really annoy me.
    I’m not a religious man, and I don’t know if St George ever really existed, but I see him as a national symbol as important as the monarchy and he should not be tampered with.

    The article goes on to suggest that if Rev Philip Chester gets his way, not only will the Church replace St George with St Alban but we’ll also have to replace the English flag with St Albans symbol.
    Presumably we’d have to change the Union flag as well to accommodate Reverend Chester.

    All because some apologist tw@t thinks Muslims may be offended by our national symbol.

    I’m really not impressed.
  2. I'm yet to meet a Muslim who's offended by the Cross of St. George. W@nkers. What next?
  3. Is nothing sacred from these Do Gooders leave our heritage alone
    Its always middle class white people who speak out for what upsets Minorities Hey here is an idea?? WHY NOT ASK THEM FOR THERE OPINION!!
  4. He should be arranging for the burning of heritics instead of playing with a traditional figure of English history and heritage. The Muslim community in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran etc do not make allowances for our feelings why should we for them?

  5. It’s pathetic isn’t it.
    I honestly don’t believe that anyone who found St George offensive would choose to immigrate here.

    There’s a minority of white middle class throbbers with too much power in desperate need of a reality check.
  6. Were it not for the Crusaders we would be using St Alban anyway, for a start he was English, whereas St George was Turkish. That aside, we did choose St George and there is no reason to change. Out of interest what would a flag of St Alban look like?
  7. It's a diagonal yellow cross on a blue background that bears a strong similarity to St Andrews cross.
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Actually, no, you didn't. From memory, the patron saint of England was originally St. Edmund, George was imposed by the Normans.

    However, pedantry aside; if that report is true it is quite alarming. I recall being at a Scotland -Pakistan cricket match a few years back and all the asian chaps (who were supporting Scotland) were kicking about in Saltires and 'Jimmy' wigs. No-one seemed remotely offended and I would imagine that the flag of St George would be similar.
  9. Why isn't The Quenn... Defender of The Faith and Head of The Church not speaking out about this? Yet another example of the erosion of our national identity, history and culture by unrepresentative, middle class liberals.
  10. Nope, St Edward the Confessor and before him St Edmund

    Double Nope, St George was Roman as was St Alban.

    So Tosh to you sonny.
  11. Utterly ridiculous. Are we going to ask Malaysia and Pakistan to remove the star and moon from their flags because it upsets us Christian folk?
  12. The sight of the EU flag offends me, which is why I've placed a St Georges Cross over it on my VRN plate. Wondering how long it takes till that becomes a crime?
  13. That'll be me seen off then. St George was born in Asia Minor, albeit under Roman rule, and it is believed, although open to debate, that St Alban was a Briton under Roman arms (not at all unlikely in the 3rd or 4th century).
  14. This annoys me. There is no need to change our saint. The reason why St George was made a siant was nothing to do with slaying dragons, but because when the Roman emporer declared that Christianity must not be pracised, St George, a Roman Soldier, tore down a copy of this declaration. For standing up for the Christian faith he was tortured and martyred by the Romans. I think that he is a good example of a saint, and we should not let later misuse of his name during the crusades deter us.