C of E forced to apply Legislation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. It would seem that faith schools and other parts of the C of E is to be forced to apply Equal Opportunites Legislation.Presumably this also apply to other religions operating in UK? EG Catholics,Jews,Muslims etc?

    Can any lawyerly person please advise?
  2. That is correct. What has yet to be ascertained is how the new legislation will interact with religious teaching when the two come into conflict.
  3. Easy peasy answer. The CoE will bend over backwards to accommodate.

    Like the rest of the UK!
  4. More ill thought out legislation by this ill conceived government. I can't wait for the explosive mix of 14 and 15 year old Rastafarians being schooled alongside 14 and 15 year old Muslim girls. Strangely though, until this fatuous government started to interfere, the two groups above got on well enough all over UK - as young people with different religions and customs.

    As for the C of E, the archbishops and bishops and the Synod appear no longer to believe in God - not 'cool and trendy enough', and therefore they are now an irrelevance. You can be sure that they will bend over backwards to accommodate the Muslims though - oh yes, just like the Muslims in Riyadh would bend over backwards to accommodate Christians.
  5. You watch the exodus to Roman Candlewicks, the Popeye will be ecstatic at this Liabor cockup, and I wait with interest his Papal Bull.
  6. I hear Mssssss Harman's new equality bill will make it illegal for the Catholic Church to restrict the priesthood to men.

    Just goes to show that anything a man, like Henry VIII, can do, a woman, like Hattie, can do better.
  7. Horrible Hattie Harperson can legislate as much as she likes. The Roman Catholic Church, and the Pope, who is about as conventional on theology as it gets, take their instructions from Almighty God, normally transmitted via the Holy Spirit, rather than New Labour spindoctors. (Left Footers will understand). :eek:
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The report I heard on the radio said that religious appointments are exempt from Equal Ops legislation. This has do with other activities that they are involved in.

    It applies to Roman Catholics, Muslims and everyone else. If you recall the row over Catholic adoption agencies going out of business because they did not want to place children with gay couples.
  9. Has Hattie spoken to Milli about this? Perish the thought that having sent his sprogs to the not so local Cof E they may now have to go to the bog standard one around the corner.
  10. plenty of gay vicars teachers youth workers etc :x
    deciding the law does'nt apply to you because you belive there is an almighty god in the sky somewhere is frankly slightly bonkers :evil:

    If there was a god I doubt he'd be that obssesed about where people stick there genitals the african obssesion with killing gays seems to be slightly suspect :twisted:

  11. Yes - it does.
  12. How is that going to work? Are women priests going to be issued strap-ons to bum the choir boys?
  13. Whet, out of pure curiousity, how long have you been a lawyer?
  14. Dont bet on it "manley" . The recent "human rights" ruling that crucifix's are illegal in schools in the EU, resulting in an award of 5,000 euros to a parent in Italy who complained about them, has met with some criticism from various "vatican officials", but nothing as yet from the Pope himself!
    The head of the Greek orthodox church has come out strongly against this ruling, but again little or nothing from the CoE!
    It is also interesting to note that an Islamic trust, the Mohiuddin trust, is planning to convert the former Burnley college into a "MUSLIM ONLY GIRLS SCHOOL"! With residential places for up to 1500 MUSLIM girls from all over the world! It was described by the LABOUR MP for Pendle, Gordon Prentice, as being "an Eton for Muslim girls"
    Once again the establishment bending over backwards to pander to Islam! I wonder why ffs? :?