C*ntbell in email storm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. He can't even write a dossier (or two) without lying, now the certified deranged madman is ranting at the BBC!

    From Beeb:

  2. Yeah. like 'sex' and 'up'. :roll:
  3. They're great aren't they!

    Campell is untouchable, we don't have to respond about him.

    no one is allowed to question him.

    why doesn't somebody just chin the c*nt
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Typical Campbell. If it had been the other way round and he received an e-mail saying he was a cnut (which he is) then he would be demanding heads and apologies form everyone.

    This person must be the most dangerous man in the country. So much power and absolutely no responsibility.
  5. No, just buy him a drink and watch him self-destruct! :twisted: [/quote]
  6. if somebody slotted the shiit, I for one would buy him/her a drink.

    He is an evil, lying, manipulative, egotistical w@nker of the first order. As Hackle said, all that power with no responsibility should have never been allowed to happen. However monsters have a habit of destroying their makers.( I've read Frankensteins Monster you know! :wink: )
  7. not guilty on this occasion, D-L (AFAIK!)

    I suppose this does serve me right for errrm, 'taking advantage' of your lovely llama in the EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE thread this morning


    PS sorry for calling him/her? a donkey :oops:
  8. Hackle,

    my apologises, it was X-Inf :oops: Them damn tequilas....... :roll:

    Still he is an arrse and needs culling down to size :evil:
  9. Anybody notice that the recent rise in Royal-bashing diversionary stories has coincided with Campbell's return?
  10. I find it very unlikely that someone of his intelect and cunning would send something 'by mistake' :evil:
  11. never trust a Burnley fan...
  12. ....And just WTF has it got to do with Mandelbum? I thought he'd nobbed off to be an EU Commissioner, or is he still trying to make yet another comeback in this excuse for a government ?
  13. where does he live? (not that I'd do anything for a drink) :lol:
  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    From the ..ahem...website


    " Alistair Campbell
    (Born ?)
    The son of a Pennine veterinary surgeon, Alistair Campbell cites living in the Pennines, about equidistant from Bradford, Leeds and Burnley for the first 11 years of his life, as the reason for his avid support of Burnley Football Club.
    By the age of 29 he had already worked for a number of publications as a journalist, including the Sunday Today newspaper, and under the pseudonym "the Riviera Gigolo", for the pornography magazine Forum, writing from France. His career in the media continued successfully and he soon became political editor of the Daily Mirror.
    By 1994 he had moved from his job as political editor of the Mirror to take a major pay cut to work for Tony Blair, then the Labour Leader of the Opposition. He had also been one of the former Labour leader Neil Kinnock's closest advisers.
    With the Labour election victory in 1997, he became the prime minister's chief press secretary and began to create a formidable press office where he emerged as the government's brightest and most influential so-called 'spin doctors'.
    Campbell resigned as Press Secretary after the heated confrontation with the BBC concerning details of the reasons for Britain's involvement in the second Iraq war in 2003. He faced intense investigations to explain major discrepancies in the evidence which he had originally given to the Hutton Inquiry into the suicide of weapons expert, David Kelly. It was alleged that Campbell had actively played down the number of changes he asked intelligence chiefs to make to the controversial "sexed-up" dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. In this way, it was alleged, Campbell intentionally created a bias to the final report in favour of Britain going to war in Iraq, in line with the prime minister's wishes, but probably without his knowledge.
    Alistair Campbell continues as a supporter of Burnley FC and is currently pursuing a career in broadcasting. "


    Le Chevre
  15. Okay, hands up. Who else (apart from me) thought that naughty Alistair's second swearword was 'cnunts'? Sadly, according the today's online Torygraph, it was just a feeble and disappointing, 'tw@ts'.

    Just go to prove that you should never trust a bloke who doesn't swear properly.

    The ******** pink **** that **** ****!!!! :D