C*nt of a Microsoft Xbox 360.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by FatBoyGeorge, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Really really really OUTRAGED!!!! Got my 360 back yesterday after sending it off for repairs. I was suffering form a Red Ring of Death. Played on it for a couple of hours last night. Fine until it started to freeze on me. "Ok, calm down" I said "just a glitch, it'll be ok tomorrow."

    Not a 'king chance! Back from work, turned it on and what do ya know; 3 red lights on the front of it. Called support, went through all the trouble shooting with more than a little hint of pee'd off from me.

    Apparently I have to send it off for a repair again, and I can't even contact the repair centre myself to find out what they didn't fix.

    Sent them a snotty email asking them what they plan to do to provide me with a working console otherwise I want all my money back for said console and games.

    Others here must of had the same problems and did you manage to get your money back?
  2. I think that was the problem in the first place.
  3. Who told you the Uber secret Microsoft Troubleshooting Technique...?(MTT)
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    how long have you had it? if it's under twelve months you should just be able take it back to the shop it came from and get it changed.
  5. I've had my Xbox for ages, never had any troubles as yet....will keep the fingers crossed.
  6. Buy a ps3!
  7. Had it for about a year but I didn't register it until July, so online it says i've got another 6 months warranty. I bought it from Virgin Megastore, I did go back there originally but it has changed hands and is now Zizzi, they said they can only give me a 28 day guarantee.

    Considering it, wont match my samsung lcd tv with white surround though. :D
  8. It's a absolute joke the way this is happening to everyone with a 360. Iv been a PS fan since 94 and have never had any problems with there stuff.
    My little girl keeps throwing the pads left right and centre, and the other day she snapped a piece off next to one of the buttons but it still works perfectly .Good old Sony .
  9. I'm getting really hacked off myself. When this is sorted def getting a ps3. I know plenty of people with them. Personally I think the pads are too light but I'll sure i'll get used to them in no time.

    Can I go to anybody to help me out? Trading standards or something like that? I really want all my money back.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    afaik now MS have extended the warranty on all 360s to 3 years as this is a known fault (this is what I was told when I bought mine in november - 12 months instore and a further 24 via MS) - if you dont get any joy with them it might be worth speaking to the bods at The Register - www.theregister.co.uk - they're very good at getting equipment suppliers to come correct and get problems like this sorted.
  11. Thanks for the advice, problem solved. Took it all back to the shop after Microsoft passed me around in circles. I was ready to kick up a stink on the shop floor but I was very disappointed when the store manage of Zavvi (used to be Virgin) in Norwich was very helpful.

    All I had to do was provide proof and date of purchase and swapped it for a PS3. So as soon as I've got enough points on COD4 I'll be joining the Arrse clan on Playstation Network.

  12. Don't like the way they've built something into it to tell you its FCUKED.

    Almost like they plan it ........ am I being to suspicious :?
  13. :? Very good point, how did they know to put little red lights in the ring on the front, and only 3 as well. Cost cutting at Microsoft?
  14. i know how everyone feels i had 3 xboxes within a month because they kept red ringing luckly i got it from game so its just a a simple case of swapping for a new one.

    now on my 5th.
  15. Mine went tits last summer - sent it back to XBox and got it back after about a month (its a lot better now) with a couple of games and a months xbox 360 live trial. Had no problems since though still get nervous leaving it on for too long - some forums I have been to suggest that its to do with the thing getting too hot and solder melting on some of the connections resulting in poor connectivity.