C.M.T - Do you get trigger time?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RetroMozza, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Alright guys

    Couple of questions about being a Combat Medical Technician.

    1. Do you get to see action? Are you on the front line with your squad? Or sat behind essentially waiting for a 999 call?

    2. Would I be a qualified paramedic after four years? That's what I'd be looking to do.

    Cheers lads.
  2. From what I can gather, it all depends on what rank and level of CMT you are as to how you deploy and no, you wouldn't me a qualified paramedic.

    Others know a lot more about the trade, I'm sure you';; get more detailed answers from them.
  3. See I wanted to fight, but also do something with a future outside the army.

    My careers officer said he is a qualified paramedic now (he may have said 'equivalent'.

    Thanks for the advice though mate
  4. Respectfully, equivalent means nothing.

    CMT in a field hopistal has rather limited 'trigger-time' as you say

    Regimental Medical Assistant in an Infantry units will be far more hands-on.

    All this said:

    Wanting to be a medic makes you appear honourable.

    Wanting to kill people makes you seem like a chopper... try to strike more of a balance. You essentially want to be a hands-on Medic...and as such, Id say join the infantry and become an RMA
  5. I can't find RMA on the army jobs website.

    So I would have to join infantry first? I want to fight, but also want to help - ying yang and all that balls - I might do that then.
  6. CMT was my original second choice but I've now changed my second to Vehicle Mechanic (opposite ends of the spectrum!!) as I want to be able to come out of the Army with a trade.
    If you want to fight then you've gotta look at Infantry really but if you want to deploy and get a trade then maybe look down the RE or REME side of things. That's what my recruiter told me to do anyway :)
  7. RMA's dont exist anymore - its RCMT

    As a CMT on deployment, you will either be with one of the battle groups and out with the lads doing what they do, or you could be back in the rear manning the ambulances to transfer casualties from MERT to Hospital (no lesser job by any means)

    You would not be a qualified paramedic after 4 years
  8. That's what was swaying it for me... not any more!

    I think I've made my mind up...

    Infantry, with a view to specialising in combat medic, or recce soldier, or sniper...

    I have A-levels and that, but I want to get out there and fight!
  9. I was prepared for recruiters trying to get me to go Officer Entry because of my quals (GCSE's, ALevels and Degree) but when I sat down and told him I wanted to go soldier entry his reply, after looking at me for a few seconds with a shocked look on his face was 'Good Lass!'. They've bent over backwards for me since then :D
  10. Come back and give us the nod when you have been getting some "trigger time" Tex !!, it's a right laugh being blown off a road/forced into an alley by small arms fire/holding your pals grid together whilst he p*sses claret all over your lap....as I have said before, if you want a pastime that has little effort and impresses your friends, try dogging !
  11. Did I say it would be a laugh? Do I act like I think it's all a big game?

    I want to fight for my country, I want to make a difference in my life, and I want to follow in my family's footsteps, and most of all, to make them proud.

    You want to save your breath for blowing up your girlfriend mate

  12. I'm sure your A-levels will help you come to terms with taking someones life or scraping parts of your mate out the back of a vehicle thats just been hit by an IED.
  13. Steady on Florence ! How will you tend to the wounded with a temper like that ?? :D Master your chosen trade and the rest will/should follow, I dont think there is a capbadge in service that hasn't been in contact recently, be prepared for a strange experience....!
  14. That wasn't my point. The point was that I could do pretty much any job in the army, and the careers officer has tried to put me in the int corps and all sorts, but I want to go out there and fight.

    I'm 99% sure that right now I wouldn't be able to shoot somebody, or scrape bits of a mate out of a vehicle, but that's what training is all about; toughening up, physically and mentally.
  15. Fair one, I was probably a bit quick off the mark, if I remember correctly my sole reason for joining was after seeing "An Ungentlemanly Act" about the Falklands War and promptly wetting myself and dry humping my action man figure, so I was in the same mindset, chances are if you get out to one of the Forward Operating Bases and are embedded with a rifle coy you will get out and about, if your keen to get on the ground then look at plotting your career path now, lean towards more hands on work and stick your hand up for any arduos courses.