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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Slow n Old, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Sirs, Ladies, Gent

    I may have picked up a C-IED Training job on Herrick. Has anyone got any tips on courses that would be useful or have done a similar job before.


    Slow n Old
  2. All Arms C-IED Instructor would probably be useful....
  3. I'd have thought that would have been a pre requisite for the job?

    However you’re more likely to get a place on the course now that your job depends on it.
  4. So did I. So was surprised when that was offered. As soon as I found out I did do the instructor course but it didn't make me feel that I could stand in front of guys that have done multiple tours and train then in skills that they need to save there lives. I owe it to them to be better than that. It was mentioned that the train the trainer course on C-IED or a mine awareness course would be the next step but I don't have any details.
    Cheers SnO
  5. Ok give me a tick I have the DIN regarding this somewhere, but there is a few things that can be done to augment this.

    Ground sign awareness is one off the top of my head, I thought the CIED Instructor course covered things like mine awareness or did you just do the one to conduct MATT 9.

    Remember when providing your awareness all you are doing is teaching the up to date practices as detailed to you, so regardless of experience of the audience its just the passage of up to date information to them, it may help chatting to the REWW how might advise you on getting some time with their SMEs.
  6. Who runs the c-ied course?

    Any course dates/contact?
  7. Yes they did all that, but the mine awareness part was 15 mins and as I don't have the mine quals I can't teach back. The course was good and it has given me a lot to work from its just they kept on that it was generic and couldn't talk about Barma or Karla as that was theatre specific. The REWW are who. Cheers SnO
  8. Unit Search Advisor?

    It might be worth asking in the RE thread, there are a couple of IED experts over there.
  9. The search school run the C-IED course but it is loaded by D Trg (A). Unless you are deploying or posted to a training establishment you won't get a place. RTCs are now running Assistant IED instructor for unit level.
  10. Depends which course your after, they have one that allows you to conduct CIED MATT or the one that can make lots of little CIED MATT instructors :)

    Royal Engineer Warfare Wing, they might be able to point you in the direction some one to talk too.
  11. Im just after the matt one. I'll contact the rtc in redford barracks
  12. CIED instructors is the obvious answer but also:

    Ground sign awareness (aka tracking) is being promoted as a supplement to this.

    It may be the deploying Brigade are running internal cadres / train the trainer courses that you should be able to attend; you might even get yourself to Brunei to attend the jungle trackers course (which LAND are actively "selling" as a GSA course).
  13. Can you expand please - location, duration etc


  14. Course is run in Kent, 2 weeks long.
    TA only get one place per course, and it usually goes to RTC's so they can have the daddy instructor to set up thier C-IED Wings to provide cascade training.
    If your getting deployed then the course may be part of that units allocation instead of taking the TA slot.
  15. I'll save you the time....we don't run one yet, no one qualified to teach it, try 225 Med Regt in Dundee