C-IED Instructor

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Due to changes in the programmes etc I'm looking to do the above course but have no idea who'd run one and where.

    Any useful information is appreciated.
  2. Courses clerk is on 01634 822640. Let us know if you have any luck.
  3. Thanks will head to RTC(S) early and try then. I can understand that they'll be like rocking horse shite.
  4. Certainly if you are on the strength of an RTC you have more chance of getting on it than most (justification that the RTC could then deliver C-IED Asst Instructor as distributed training for example).

    Good luck.
  5. That is the kind of justification I'm angling for, thanks.
  6. I'm booked on the course, the policy is one TA place per course, and the policy states they are for RTC instructors.
  7. Can you pm me the details, my AO hasn't got back to me, I'm visiting 15bde and they are trying to get permission to run them as well.
  8. Try the school on 01634 822640.