C-IED Assistant Instructor

I've managed to blag a spot on an up coming course via Lastminute.com and being the girly swat that I am, I'm looking for any training material(notes, presentations etc) from the instructors course that would be of USE to me before I go.

Along shot I know but nothing ventured....

............and so far nothing gained.
As its now a MATT subject, Im guessing your unit must have the Instuctors notes, if you require a 'heads up' read that, but, the course content will cover everything you need so no real need for any prior knowledge unless pre course reading is stipulated on the JI's. I doubt anyone will send you any C-IED info, security is not a dirty word...................
Actually I'm the first to go on this so no instructor notes available, my unit...an RTC is s'posed to be teaching the assistants course but can't get any places on one.
Understood. However, its restricted information and I doubt anyone will (and they shouldnt) oblige you. Not getting emotional, its just the way it is Boxy mate.
Is the course the All Arms C-IED Instructors Course held at DEMSS or the All Arms Assistant C-IED Instructors Course?

The Engineer Wing 15 Bde RTC are currently running the latter with another planned for March.
Oh I too understand the way things work BaldBleep, I've been in it long enough. ?CV the assistants course, I couldn't make the one at Ripon due to other commitments and this came up last minute.
Hi Boxy

Where is it being held.

There is reference material available on the Defence Intranet Library under Training and Education which is used on the course.
Glenrothes and I cant get access to DII at the moment...well until the course starts actually....on Monday.

A mate also on the course is now looking for that info...thanks
The Engineer Wing 15 Bde RTC Course is over 3 weekends. The next course is 05-06,19-20 and 26-27 March 2011.

The first course next Training Year is 07-08,14-15 and 21-22 May 2011.

They are planning to run 4 Courses per Training Year interspersed with Vallon "Train the User" Courses.
Hi JD150

The only stipulation for the Vallon "Train the User" is that they have to be a fully trained soldier.

The minimum qualifications for the All Arms Assistant C-IED Instructor Course is that they have to be a full Cpl and DITs qualified.


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