c grade selection pass!!!! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rave377, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Does any one no when the c grades will get there starting date (joining infantry) ? i heard oct/nov.... is this true ?

    selection passed: 10th september 2009
  2. The grade you got at selection makes no real difference to when you start basic training. It's all about available places, manning requirements, etc, etc. The selection grade just gives the army an idea of how much of a thrashing you need. ;-)

    You get your start date for basic on a case by case basis too so try not to work from rumours and hearsay. The staff at the careers office you attended will be the most reliable source of information, not here.
  3. Do you no if i will i defo.. get in ?
  4. I was under the impression only High B and A grades were getting into the Army? My college (Military Prep College Brighton) staff all liased with local AFCO's and they informed us that you want to get at least a mid B grade to get in, my mate got a high C/Low B grade and the army turned around to him and said he had to re-do selection next november (2011) as His grade wasnt good enough, he was applying for Royal Tank Regiment
  5. If I was sitting on a C grade, with what experience I have of applying myself, I'd be resigned to the fact I will probably have to re do selection.

    But you never know. If you passed selection Sept 09 you should be getting word of going back to re do your medical anyway, not sure if they just do that or if they just put you on selection again....#

    Anytime someone comes on here saying they have passed ADSC it seems to be more often that it's an A or B. Think people know the crack now.. It's A/B or basically fail. Not sure the AFCO will say this but they may as well
  6. The grade you are given at selection is irrelevant to a person who has been told that they have passed selection. It is merely a yardstick to measure your performance during the selection process to assist the selection officer in dismissing or selecting you accordingly. The army has a saying regarding pass/fail tests. "A pass is a pass!" meaning who cares by how much or little you passed by, you still passed so the result is still good irrespective of whether or not you did it with flying colours or barely scraped through.

    The magical words you are looking for are "Well done. You have passed selection". What grade you get has very little to do with anything that happens thereafter including starting dates for basic training.

    I would hazard the reason your friend was made to do selection again is the exact same reason 90% of people fail selection. There was one particular area that presented a bigger problem. The grades you are given are merely a guide to help those selecting you make a decision. People who are graded A are made to return and try again just as often as people who are graded C are given a handshake and a well done and vice versa.

    Worry less about what grade you are given and more about confidence and being yourself and not being a gobby sh1t, passing all the tasks to the best of your ability, being as fit as you can be and being a team player. That will get you in. Not the grade your given.
  7. I do not know where you are getting your info from Soldier.a, but you are completely wrong. The grade is broken down into a score, this is visible at Recruiting Group by the person who loads the courses, If there are higher grades they will be loaded first, closer to the start of the course the lower grades will be offered any availible slots that have not been allocated. Once you have been loaded you cannot be taken off your course by a higher grade it is for that reason the lower the grade, the nearer to the start of the course they are informed. This gives the Army an opportunity to select the best people for the jobs.
    The best course of action is to look at differing cap badges, those who are under manned take lower grades, The Rifles for example are only looking at grade A's at present.
    And yes I do work in recruiting.

  8. Ironopolis is completely correct.

    Your grade has direct influence on your entry date so whoever is telling you it doesn’t is either

    A. Lying


    B. a f*ckwit
  9. i think what we're all saying is be prepared to re do selection this september & this time work on what you weren't good at.
  10. If you got a C last Sept09, you should have a good chance of getting a really good B or A if you get put for selection again.

    I reckon I could get an A if I did selection again
  11. it sounds much more complicated to get in the army now than when i did, one of the guys in basic with me had only entered his recruitment centre a month prior to starting.
  12. Yep it has, I can quote from my recruiter "we actually don't want any more people joining but we are still recruiting because then we will only get the best (A and B graders)" The fact is, they have no money to be letting just anybody in these days, you gotta be naturally good or well experienced at the various team, leadership and fitness skills.

    Another quote "grade A will get you in within 6 months, grade B between 6 months and 2 years, grade C or worse you might as well not bother us again!" Harsh words, but exacting!
  13. selection grade lasts 2 years so you should be redoing your medical this year
    i passed selection with a high C 11th september 09
    and i have just sent my medical forms off agen and am now waiting to redo my medical
    but my recruiter hasnt had any news for me bout dates so just hang in there something will come along
    a m8 of myn heard from his recruiter that we might get our dates in october/november for jan/feb but then agen it might just be a rumour
    so just keep your fittness levels up and carry on waiting
  14. As this says....once you have passed your ADSC what ever grade and more importantly your IDST score is then taken into account and your placed on awaiting allocations to your specific job choice. You CAN NOT go back down to get a better grade and your selection date lasts two years. However around 9-10 months after passing ADSC if your still not allocated then you WILL have to go back down for a one day BODY CHECK where your assessed on fitness, medical completed again but you will not get a higher grade and in some cases if not up to the standard required may get defferred or rejected.

    Regarding C grades getting dates.............everytime some one goes down wanting to do your job choice and get a higher IDST score than you (higher C, B or A grade) you go further down the list.
  15. i allso heard that