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I know that the forces have special dispensation for guys under 21 to get Cat C+E licence, but my question is this, if a young lad does get this licence but is then discharged, is he still ok to go get a job with a civvy company driving HGV?


He's not looked for an HGV job yet because on discharge he was told by the army that he can't use the licence. He has been offered the chance to be a self employed driver in a van, mainly due to his insurance being cheap because of his licences, but that company don't do anything over 3.5t
The chances of been accepted by any insurance company is minimal. My drivers have to be a minimum of 25, to have held their licence for at least 2 years and driven commercially for a minimum of 180 days out of the last 2 years!
Yup. Whether the company will insure him is another matter.

I don't think it is okay, I remember a 17 year old leaving with his HGV lincence , he said he knew he couldnt drive until he was 21, He had it all planned from week 4 of basic training to let the army pay for his training then leave.
C+E age limit is now 18 so he should be able to use it outside. As Prince Albert said insurance may be an issue as not all companies will be willing to take an 18 year old due to the higher cost of insurance.
I think you can drive C+E at 18 now.With the CPC nonsense of course.




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