C Coy in Pontypridd

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Killer_Bees, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Anyone from C Coy Royal Welsh?

    I'm moving to Ponty in sep and will be joining the TA again.

    Just wanted a heads-up like.
  2. A quick heads up on the Ponty lot - you need to develop a strong taste for strongbow for a start. Also, it's Company SOPs to fill your webbing and bergan with as many cans of 'bow as humanly possible. Any nights spent in Rainybridge can then be spent farting, drinking and talking general shyte until reveille.

    Oh, also minimum BMI is around 33 (that's right, minimum), if you want to deploy then probably a little bit more just to be on the safe side. In preperation for your JNCO cadre, you need to pack even more kebabs and 'bow in, so you can drop out the first tab in CEFO after a hundred metres or so, and just go back to playing with mortars.

    Hope this helps!

    (If not, there's alway B company just down the road in Swansea, who run Javelin, who have far better more switched on blokes - so I've been told).
  3. Indeed. A strong taste for talking about, possibly partaking in sporadic physical violence is also the order of the day.

    I've been told this too. Interesting. Perhaps you should take note.
  4. Do any of you blokes know the major with the famous brewery name based in Cardiff?

    edited due to being in the Old Arcade
  5. Used to be acquainted. Not sure whether he's still around though.
  6. He's in the "Ivor Davies" in Cowbridge road
  7. If it's Brains you want, then yes.

    (Not a Major anymore though).
  8. Should fit in pretty well.
  9. I heard that too. :D
  10. I gather you "fella's" are swansea lad's then?

    I'm going to uni in ponty so it suites to go there.
  11. If you fit in in Ponty, you really will have a great time - some are actually really good blokes. If not, then it's very much a case of square peg / round hole syndrome there. A few people have actually transferred away for that reason.

    Either way chap, best of luck whoever you go with.