C COY 6 Rifles

Hi all,

Anyone here from C COY 6 Rifles?

I have sent a couple of emails to the Recruiting Officer via the website (TA Near You site) but recieved no reply, I have also tried calling a couple of times but after the usual select a number recording it goes stright onto answerphone.

Does anyone know who I can call direct at C COY as I am interested in joining in Dorchester, I'd like to speak to someone first as I am 36 and left 1 Staffords 12 years ago, I gather quite a lot has changed since then!

Any input appreicated.




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The best method to join the TA still remains a direct visit to the TA Centre on a drill night. In your case this is:
TA Centre
Pundbury Road

Tel: 01305 251119
email: 6rifles-ccoy-psao@mod.uk

They should be in tonight (I just checked their training programme on ArmyNet - how cool is that!) so rock up anytime after 1930hrs.

Because of the length of the time since you've been out of uniform you will almost certainly have to complete recruit training again. As I wrote to another bloke in a similar position, don't let that put you off, treat it like a refresher course and an opportunity to help the young 'uns out.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Edited to add: Isn't France a long way to come from on a drill night?
PM Brewmiester he sort you out.
Or failing that, do what RP said if you live in Dorchester, or if you're nearer Poole/Bournemouth, you need to go to the TAC in Wallisdown by the big roundabout, and opposite the BP (?) Garage.
Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

I live in Normandy, have done for a few years now but for various reasons we are moving back to the UK and intend to settle in the Dorchester area.

I was thinking of turning up on a Tuesday evening when we go back to England in early September, just wanted to talk to someone first, but if it's acceptable to just turn up then I'll go with that.

Recruit Training... crikey it's been nearly twenty years, mind you I have been monitoring this site for many months and I must admit I have been shocked by the dramas people are having about the 1.5 mile run and the cft (both regular and TA recruits). I run regularily and keep fairly fit, the training can't be that different from what I did at Lichfield and at least I'll know what to expect.

Thanks again,


Check your PMs


The phone number is 01305 264969 then option 5 for the Admin Officer. The number posted by RP578 is the fax.

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