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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Aggrieved Fish, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Hello all!

    As you might deduce, this is my first post within the ARRSE Community, however, I am a long time lurker on the more humorous threads; namely the ones concerning walts.

    Getting back on topic,

    Whilst my age and current occupation/place in life might not currently be relevant, I have applied and am currently in the process of joining the TA (With my Barb test being on the 19th of this month) with my sights firmly set on C Company, London Regiment (London Fusiliers). Thus, I hereby pose this question: What is the community's opinion and general feeling towards C Company and secondly, towards the London Regiment?

    Thanks, much love and look forward to hearing your opinions, whether they may be good or bad!

  2. In hindsight, this is not my first post but is bloody close to it anyway.
  3. ..........................Good Regiment matey!

    The Kray twins were members once apon a time!
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  4. Coming from a Para, that means a lot!
  5. Why say it then?

    On the basis of our most recent Londons Transferee, you sound and speak exactly like him and you'll fit in just fine!

    They seem to be one of the better manned TA units in the area and have a good ATU backing them up. No idea about the Fusilier Coy. in particular.

  6. Don't bully me!

    I'm sensitive don't you know!
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  7. A soft and sensitive Para? Reminds me of the ugly duckling except harder..And with a maroon beret..
  8. Many will slag them off (I dont know why but it usually seems to be from the TA Rifles"perhaps force of habit from being a part of them once)
    But The Londons are a good unit with a lot of recent operational tours behind them and some really good blokes.
    C coy are a good bunch with some real characters. The OC is an ex Australian Army officer/ social animal with a lot of experience and a top bloke to boot...
    Enjoy .....
  9. Very little of that done, unless of course you are posting from 2005?
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  10. Worked with some of their lads on Op Olympic. They were pretty good blokes with some some really good characters. A few rather odd ones though, made for quite an entertaining time!
  11. Really glad to be hearing such positive feedback :D Really look forward to joining them in the near future!
  12. C coy, like any coy/sqn/bty have some good blokes and some not so good blokes, for some reason you have a Royal Signals CSM as apposed to an Infantry one, as does B coy he has come from the REME and for some reason he has chosen to wear a Guards BRB backing instead of the correct PWRR backing much to the dismay of the rest of the company but that could be an indication that the whole battalion will go that way eventually.

    I hope everything works out and you enjoy your time anyway.
  13. Sorry i wasn’t clear the 2xWo’s have re badged as Infantry, but yes there were plenty of other CSGT’s in the battalion (that have spent their entire time in the infantry) that could have stepped in.
  14. He's a mate of mine. Outstanding bloke.
  15. I'm open to correction but I heard if you have served on operations within a Grenadier unit you can wear the Blue Red Blue behind your cap badge for the remainder of your service. I could have just been spun it by someone who has chosen to.