C*ck up at pre-rcb effect main board??

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Apollo, Jan 26, 2005.

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  1. Would a cat 3 at the briefing hinder your progress at the main board? Im off to mine next week and had an absolute 'mare' on the command task and plan ex at the briefing which hopefully ive now got sorted .. Are the staff aware of what score you achieved at the briefing and therefore theres not much possibility you will pass? or are you given a blank sheet and its how well you complete the main board that counts??? Hopefully the latter is true.. anyone?? 8O
  2. Nope, it shouldn't hinder you that much. I was at RMAS with several people who got Cat 3's. Now that they've ditched RowCo though, RCB Main Board may have to become a bit more selective. It's all down to your sponsor from now on....
  3. Shouldn't matter. Many, many years ago (swings lantern) I was told not to bother going to main board by the hideous Scaleyback fuckwits who ran my pre-RCB (I wasn't joining the Scaleys, I hasten to add, but theirs was the only conveniently timed one). My own mob were relaxed about it and encouraged me to go, which I did, and waltzed off into the sunset with a Bursary which subsequently got upgraded.
  4. cheers my minds a little at ease now.. gonna try and turn the negative into a positive and pass the bloody thing next week, atleast i know were i went wrong last time..

    - "your travelling at 4mph how long does it take you to travel 17 miles??"
    - "er,er,er i dunno, sir"

    think that might have had summit do do with it.....
  5. Unless you're unlucky enough to have the same DS (which never happens, although some tragic WaLT will no doubt tell me otherwise), your initial bash at pre-RCB/RCB Briefing will only be available to the Deputy President of the Board. This is to ensure that any glaring issues can be caught, but only if they are raised as issues a second time i.e. your Main Board DS spot the same tendency to monging and general wet lettuceness.

    Oh yeah, while we're at it. You will probably get some ******** from OTC ordering everyone around during the Dinner Night thing; gobbing off about being videoed, and harping on about passing port the right way. Just do yourself and the Army a favour, and bang them out on the spot.

    Good luck with the Board!!

  6. By chance if i do mong it and fail hopelessly on the rcb i was considering TA officer (always gotta have a contingency plan), will i be allowed to train as a TA officer or will i have to wait a year to start because of my demise at rcb??

    Obviously i wanna pass the main board, but as already being a member of the TA i can see the benefits of staying TA.....
  7. Errrr....failing Main Board does not preclude you from being a TA officer at all. After all, if people were good enough to pass Main Board, they wouldn't be TA officers, would they?

    I'm not slagging the TA at all, but if the requirement for TA officers was as stringent as that for Regular DE officers, the TA would be massively under-strength in terms of officer numbers.

    Crack on, but good luck anyway!!
  8. Wouldn't it depend on what kind of life they want to lead?

    The briefing is identical, and the main board is not that dissimilar-on the TA main board they are looking for a PO that already has already has many of the leadership qualities rather than the ability to develop them during a year at RMAS.

    Anyway it will no doubt change when they get to around to implementing this one army one commission malarky that they keep going on about.
  9. Second what TA_Sig said. The TA main board and RCB are supposed to be at the same level. In reality people choose whether they want to be in the TA or the regs so that isn't really true.
  10. If you look at the RCB webpage you will see the headings for both the TCB and RCB lead to the same link, as previously mentioned the process is the same bar one difference.

    You do the mental apptitude tests on the briefing for the TA process.
  11. Look...read the shagging posts, people.

    For the kast time:


    This is a fact - deal with it.

    Now, to all those who's bottom lips are wobbling - dry your eyes and wipe your noses. Tap tap, move on!!
  12. i was 'shock horror' actually considering staying TA even if i pass main board, in the long-term i would probably be better financially staying part-time (already got a crap grad job), although the thought of mongin it in the office for years to come doesnt actually appeal.

    My reckoning is that if i pass the rcb main board and join TA as an officer ive still got the option of going to sandbags full time within 5 years(u can defer cant u?), thats if i decide enough is enough workin in an office (altho the perk of fit office birds struttin round is something i'd miss). It all depends if i pass really but im trying to give myself options, it would be a nice problem to have however......
  13. msr

    msr LE

    I thought it already was...

  14. Apparently the only thing they carry forwards to your main board is your mental aptitude test score.
  15. All well and good, "giving yourself options" but if you don't go into RCB whole heartedly, you stand a good chance of failing. It isn't just a case of getting another job offer.

    Westbury is tough, an Army Commission is tough, oh and by the way some of the birds arn't bad.. I remember the parties and BMH Hanover....