C Bty "Balaclava" weekend 17th-19th OCT

The date has been confirmed and we are going to have a weekend of drunken banter when the mighty C return from the Stan.

The BSM has asked me to promote the event to all ex members of the Battery. Sorry that their are no written invites but the post service is a little bit slow out here.

Any ex member is encouraged to come as it will be the best one we have had for years (the BK is footing the bill.....)

you can e-mail me here however I cannot promise that it will be a speedy response as OP minimise and PB deployments tend to limit my internet time.

Alternatively contact Bdr Stacey Taylor, back in Hohne who will be able to help out.

It will be the full works, transport to and from Hannover airport ect and honestly it will be a memorable occassion

look forward to hear from you all

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