C 130 Pilot Article in Sunday Times

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by quickstop, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. I know this was a while ago (12 Feb) but did you guys see the Army spoof response?

    If someone knows how to host the two and PMs an e-mail I can send it on.

    Really very very funny, especially the consternation it caused the ground elements of the RAF.

    MoD main building seem quite amused!


  2. Already done to death HERE

    We are currently being crucified for this self-inflicted idea:

    RAF Collection

    Get with the beat, Baggy!
  3. lol

    Been out of country for 5 weeks with work so missed some of the banter.

    Have you seen the RAF swimsuit idea? :D

    Fair play - make some cash. The yanks do it and all the brits have got Army t-shirts from the US.

    Some very camp poses from Messrs Underwood though!
    I didn't see anywhere on the forum where you could get the spoof article though - I have it if someone wants to host it!


    "Baggy" ? :D
  4. The spoof article is posted by Proximo, just over half-way down on the 'HERE' link in my post above.

    Yes, the Underwoods are doing a nice line in 'camp', but I think they are also demonstrating that the shirts are available in LARGE sizes!

    "Get with the beat Baggy" - an all-purpose phrase to mean 'catch-up', a (nearly) quote from the Jungle Book (Disney Cartoon version).
  5. lol. saw that one. Poor thing. :D