C 130 Pilot Article in Sunday Times


I know this was a while ago (12 Feb) but did you guys see the Army spoof response?

If someone knows how to host the two and PMs an e-mail I can send it on.

Really very very funny, especially the consternation it caused the ground elements of the RAF.

MoD main building seem quite amused!





Been out of country for 5 weeks with work so missed some of the banter.

Have you seen the RAF swimsuit idea? :D

Fair play - make some cash. The yanks do it and all the brits have got Army t-shirts from the US.

Some very camp poses from Messrs Underwood though!
I didn't see anywhere on the forum where you could get the spoof article though - I have it if someone wants to host it!


"Baggy" ? :D
The spoof article is posted by Proximo, just over half-way down on the 'HERE' link in my post above.

Yes, the Underwoods are doing a nice line in 'camp', but I think they are also demonstrating that the shirts are available in LARGE sizes!

"Get with the beat Baggy" - an all-purpose phrase to mean 'catch-up', a (nearly) quote from the Jungle Book (Disney Cartoon version).

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