C-130 crashes in Tehran, Iran.....

Did a lift out of Lakenheath once in an up-rated Herc , deffo more than 60 pax on that one :)
Note how the BBC says the following:

In 2003, an Iranian Ilyushin-76 troop carrier crashed in south-east Iran killing all 276 Revolutionary Guard soldiers and crew aboard.

Officials blame the high frequency of crashes on a lack of aviation spare parts due to US sanctions.
See how it manages to link the high frequency of Iranian air crashes with the US. However, if you look at Iran's aviation safety record, you'll see that the majority of crashes since the revolution are of Russian aircraft:


But I guess that simple facts like this aren't interesting in BBC land, when it's far easier and is ideologically correct to blame the Americans.

In any case, Iran's industrial base is quite complex and technologically advanced (hell, they are even building nuclear power plants) so they should be able to build their own spare parts!


They have recovered the Black Box and now know the cause of the crash thanks to the pilots last words:

"Feck me! I thought you said watch out for that flock of bats!"
jonwilly said:
I was under the immpression from the Beeb that the aircraft had flown into the building. Mind you 90 odd passangers in a Herc though 60 ish was normal max.
MK3 allows you to put 45 Paras on each side of the C130 so in theory allowing you to perform a "SIM 45" over Braidfell.

Braidfell is a pretty and at times exciting DZ.
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