C-130 crashes in Tehran, Iran.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LostBoss, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. BBC News

    Is reporting a C130 has crashed in Tehran.

    A C-130 - - In Tehran?
  2. Yes they've got C-130s the Shah bought loads before the Iatolah(sp?) took over. It was a very pro-western country back then.
  3. Yup. Leftovers from the Shahs Airforce probably. I imagine getting spares etc has been a bit of a nightmare for the mullahs though. I think they have a rather fetching sky blue dpm camouflage scheme as well.
  4. Why not?

    As of 2000 the Iranian were reckoned to still be operating around 20 F14 Tomcats.

    Plenty of US kit sloshing around, albeit in diminishing quantities. Heck the Iranians even manufacture the M16 rifle, and they certainly didn't get the technical data package released to them by the US govt. or Colt...
  5. C-130 crash near Teheran? How nineteen eighties darlings... :twisted:
  6. Maybe another US show of force. Off to give the Mullahs a shoeing and cocking it up again. Desert 2?
  7. Does this mean we can expect more photos of shrivelled loadmasters with barbecued grins?
  8. Few more spares available now if they can do some reclaiming from the remains. Good BDR project!!
  9. It is alleged that Iran didn't have a particular problem getting spares for it's aircraft from another Middle Eastern country that also operates the C-130. Iran's aircraft industry is actually very good , they are still able to keep their Chinooks and AH1's flying , as well as introducing updated cockpit technology in their Fighters , and the F-5's and F-4's have been re-lifed, re-engined and up-gunned.

    Whether they'd be effective against a US air strike , or Israeli driven F-15's and F-16's at the ragged limit of their combat range is another matter.
  10. theres always E bay for spares , :) after all a battleship was sold on it !
  11. Perfect oppurtunity to start a peace process from this mess...suddenly no opinion from the US and us Brits. Like Is aid before, this Iran deal is going to get very messy very quickly...
  12. Imshalla.--or so they say.
  13. Strangely from the pics on the Beeb the building hasn't collapesed.
  14. Same thing occured to me JW , A fully laden fully fuelled Herc must make a hell of a bang , and the building is still standing . Most odd.

    There are however lots of ex-Herc bits strwen around the scene , so those Iranian housebuilders must be bloody good.