C-130 Crash

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Jan 7, 2005.

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  1. My god, and there was me looking forward to having a future career in Air Despatch........eek
  2. Air despatch don't do it bunch of knobbers!!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    This plane has a curious nose (pic2) and something bolted onto it (pic5). Is this some sort of SigInt aircraft?


  4. And a roof-rack.....
  5. Possibly a C-130H Combat Talon II with Rivet Fire countermeasure pods - and a roof rack!
  6. Spotters the lot of ya.
  7. And I just thought it was the RAF who were capable of such things :roll:
  8. Lol, that's about 6 different people who have said that to me now!!

    Ha Ha Ha, why are they Nobbers then? :?
  9. VB you are correct its an MC-130 Block 30 Combat Talon II. It is not a classified pic but its considered FOUO[for official use only]. Strategypage got ahold of a pic's of an Abram's in 2003 that had been hit by an unidentified ATW. The picture was quickly pulled at the request of the Pentagon.
  10. Which airfield is it? Tallil?
  11. I notice that the Bicycle carriers and ski-box had been hastily removed though...

  12. The same pics are in Flt International this week which states that the incident occured in 'Northern Iraq'. Nothing classified regarding the roof apendages, and all the following is from open sources. The 'towel rail' aerials aft of the wing are HF antennas whilst the dishes forward of the wing are SATCOM aerials.

    The MC-130H is a heavily modified variant of the venerable 'Albert' used by the USAF Special Ops Command as a Pathfinder asset and for the insertion and resupply of SF. Aside from a flt crew of 2 x pilots, a nav and a loadie, the Combat Talon II also has an EWO on the flt deck and additional loadies down the back. The ac often carry USAF 'Combat Controller' teams used for the securing and subsequent control of air traffic at LZs or DZs (I guess basically like the Para Pathfinders but with more toys).

    The whacky radar is to accommodate the APQ-170 terrain following radar and an IR turret.

    I'll get my jacket!!

  13. Could this be connected with revelation that hit squads will be inserted to do mafia style work on the head terrs?
  14. ORC,
    This would hardly be the forum to comment on such rumours 8O.

    Anyway, the presence of USAF SOC fixed wing and RW assets is fairly routine in a number of theatres despite their punchy title. Perhaps I should have explained that they are also used for more mundane duties aside from those mentioned previously.

    Incidentally, according to Flt International, a previous aircraft had previously filed a safety hazard report after almost getting caught by the hole in the taxiway that caught this MC-130 out. It appears that nothing was done and the poor old MC-130H go bent on a night landing, injuring 10 of the 11 personnel on board. Let's hope they all get well soon!