Bypass Surgery

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bampot, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Can anybody tell me what's the Army's policy on heart Bypass Operations and enlistment....cheers.
  2. If they refuse entry to hay fever sufferers and those with even mild asthma, I wouldn't hold out much hope!
  3. One of ours was retired on medical grounds as soon as he was scheduled for his heart op.
  4. Cheers guy's for the info so far.
  5. Your having a laff?

    No chance, and I'm an RMO

    see the post "TA not fit for purpose", its all part of the mix

    Lets chuck out 20,000soldiers and recruit some right Biffers
  6. Hi DCFC.

    Thanks for information posted earlier.
    The information was for Myself.I came out of the T.A after 20 years service about a year ago,and I've always kept myself reasonably fit and this bypass malarky is a recent development and an unwanted one at that,although I never really considered myself a Biffer.well cheers for your imput DCFC.
  7. Right biffers?

    Is that what they call them now at the Brompton?
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  8. You're an RMO and that's your post? Prescribe yourself a trip to the Education Centre to undertake Level 1 Literacy followed by a fatal dose of Ibuprofen.
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  9. Course you're an RMO........I believe you!:sleepy:

    Poor old Bampot is now about to commit Hari Kari by your insensitive reply!

    Bampot........******* wise up mate! What are you capable of doing in the Army with a bypass? & don't start bullshitting.......the correct answer is.........**** all!

    The Army is for fit healthy young men & women.......You no longer fit into that category, like many others on here, me included!

    Rasberry's are not required!
  10. twothreeuptwothreedown.

    Hari Kari !.....I fuckin hate ,it would take more than a Bell End like DCFC to annoy me chief.

    Of course your right,now I'm going to have to go into my locked ward tonight and fight one of the Patients for their Clozapine and rid myself of these dam thought's/voices telling me that I could turn back the clock and act like I was 18 again.Aach it was a stupid question anyway and it deserved the reply's it got...thanks anyway gentleman.
  11. I think if you are qualified to perform that procedure then they will almost certainly accept you into the RAMC.
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  12. Question's been answered......No room for a knacker like myself in this Man's Army.
  13. Fixed that for you old chap!

  14. Don't take it to heart mate!:love: