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Byers quits!!!!

Rather let's hope the whole government is next!

Byers career at the DoT has been a catlogue of disasters, why was this imbecile allowed to continue? Let's hope the voters of his constiutency vote him out at the next election.
My theory is that he agreed to go now rather than be sacked or resign months ago - in a deal with the PM.  It gives th eimpression that he is being honourable rather than caving in to pressure.

I wonder if the government has buried any bad news under his announcement??  tee hee


He may have gone but he still refuses to admit that he is a liar!!  :mad: :mad: :mad:
More worrying still is that nearly the whole of the Government stuck by the monumental Pr1ck, his inability to face up to facts and do the honourable thing speaks volumes about his character, he is clearly a spineless sh1t and those who outwardly supported him are guilty by association - every single last one of them!

I used my vote but I didn't vote for these bast4rds
Former Transport Secretary Stephen Byers has apologised after it emerged that an aide tried to find out whether the survivors of the Paddington rail crash had any political links.
The apology - echoed by his old department - comes after a report that officials sent an e-mail to 'dig the dirt' on Pam Warren, a Paddington crash survivor who accused Mr Byers of misleading Parliament.

What worries me, if it is true, is that it shows quite a nasty and spiteful nature within the government

Pam Warren  
But Mrs Warren said she would be seeking an apology from the prime minister if there had been an attempt to smear her.

"If it is true it shows quite a nasty and spiteful nature within the government," she said.

She added that she had no political axe to grind - her goal was simply safer railways.


"If this government put as much emphasis on addressing problems as they do on spin, the problems would go away."

The transport department has now confirmed an e-mail was sent by a former transport department special adviser to Labour's headquarters.

Mrs Warren fuelled allegations over Mr Byers

But it says the memo was not about Mrs Warren, but was trying to find out whether those taking over from her at the Paddington Survivors' Group had any known political links.

The Labour Party's reply made it clear they did not, says the department.

The name of the special adviser who sent the e-mail has not been revealed.

Conservative transport spokewoman Theresa May said: "It's about this whole culture of spin that is there at the heart of government.

"Anybody who stands up and says what from their experience they know to be true and happens to be against the government, the government tries to come down on them like a ton of bricks."

In a statement, the transport department said new Transport Secretary Alistair Darling "strongly disapproves of the fact that this inquiry was made and has made it clear that it must stop immediately".

The statement went on: "The department would also wish to apologise unreservedly for any distress that this story has caused to Pam Warren, the Paddington Survivors or their relatives."

It was former special adviser Jo Moore's e-mail suggesting 11 September was a good day to bury bad news that prompted much of the controversy leading to Stephen Byers' resignation last week.

Byers apology

But Ms Moore was only one of the special advisers at the department and it is not clear whether the e-mail was sent before her own departure.

Mr Darling's response to the reports shows he is keen to distance himself from the spin rows that erupted under his predecessor, Stephen Byers.

Mr Byers issued a statement on Thursday saying he wants to "to apologise unreservedly" for the e-mail.

He said the message should never have been sent and if he had been aware of it, he would have stopped it.

The former minister added that he had the "greatest respect" for Mrs Warren.

Mrs Warren, 35, a financial consultant, claimed last month that Mr Byers misled MPs over Railtrack.

Final nail

Supported by two other survivors, she said he had signalled to them he was about to put Railtrack into administration when he told Parliament the decision was not taken until a month later.

Mr Byers has said sorry for the email

It was practically the final nail in Mr Byers' political coffin after a string of accusations that he had lied to MPs and the public.

The Independent had reported that the e-mail was sent out before Mrs Warren's revelations.

It says there were growing fears at senior levels of the department that she was about to "go public".

Mrs Warren, former chairman of the Paddington survivors' group, suffered horrific injuries in the crash which claimed the lives of 31 people in October 1999.

The transport department was formerly the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions before Mr Byers' resignation which prompted a reshuffle and Whitehall reorganisation.
Not the most politically correct posting I have ever seen Vermin... but I have to admit it... you are right.

Which spin doctor did you get to help you with that then as I think they should get a job with the government. Maybe we'd get a bit more honesty and a lot less bullsh1t for once.  ;D


PP, I need no spin doctor, what I said just spills out, my one and only oportunity to vent my spleen in public.  After saying all that, it is nothing compared to the contempt with which I hold the b4stards now, thanks to F_S and her update on the disgraceful affair over the Paddington Rail crash victims.
Once again "El Fu(%ing Presidente" is above an apology, I used to wonder about the anti government gun lobby in the US and could never understand why the hated their own government so much! Well I no longer wonder, I totally understand, we now have a Government that will ride rough shod over not only political oposition but over members of the public that dare to ask for an explanation as to why they and many others where killed, burnt, maimed or disfigured!
I feel at a loss as to where we as a nation go from here, it certainly does not seem to be up, ok, positive things, we are still in the World Cup, Lennox Lewis hammered Tison and apparently although you wouldn't have known it a few years ago people still want a monarchy but what real hope do we have if the people we TRUST to lead this country for OUR BENEFIT are not worthy.......

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