Bye cruel world!

PartTimePongo said:
AirfixSeriesTwo said:
KevinB said:
PartTimePongo said:
Donkey-Spanker said:
What happened then?
Search his posts...
Does it really matter though, PTP? Sure others have done the same.
Fcuk off and die slowly by blow-torch you terrorist supporting noraid tin ratling piece of human filth!

Oh the irony

Oh my ribs
Back to his old 'self', I see! :wink:

ARE YOU really going?.

When did you arrive?

sad really, after all your Tip top posts.

He, He, BBC news 24 live with frank field and black eyebrows having audio sex in pairlement.

I just read a thread on some jew thing. it was locked.

The most decent person i have ever encountered was a jew with a tatoo on his arm. Lost all his family but still thought the german people were wonderfull???????????????????

Can anyone supply the body count when our lord and savior Kinh John did his pillage thing in the middle east????

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