Bye Bye to Mil Clk's at last



With an ever increasing amount of young people being trained in IT before joining the Army why do we not look at nominating a percentage to do an ADQUAL in the duties of a Class 3 clk. That would mean in a few years we would be able to do away with the snotty little teeth grindingly annoying know it all clk's that we employ to sit around sucking in air through their teeth before telling us "thats not the way to fill in that form" ??? or "sorry you dont have leave left" !!and the best one of all "Unicoms never wrong mate"! Get rid of em :mad: :mad: :mad:
Mmm, that would be re-inventing the wheel. I'm sure you'll remember the time when Coy clerks were the 'different' people in the Bn that would only end up hurting themselves with a rifle and were shuffled off to do a clerk type course in favour of Junior Brecon. ;)
:mad:No - don't agree. Serious and agry time.  ALL persons in the Army fit into an important role and none of us can work without each other.  Having to slag off another trade is because you have some defficiencies hiding in there somewhere.  If they were not important to operations do you not think that the men in Grey Suits would have gotten rid of them long ago?  

There, off me soap box and feeling better.  
Bullshit you are talking bullshit. If we didnt slag off each other we would not be happy and human. Secondly dont think that the men in grey suits have the monopoly on good ideas.
I meant bullshit twice and am sure I never typed nuts!!!
Okay the software is making me look silly here!! I definitely typed bullshi* but with a t not a * !!!!
Or why not keep moaning about the forms I did as TA having to travel to detachments to teach I kept having to fill in 1771's to reclaim my travel. I kept deliberatly filling them in wrong till out clerks started filling them in for me and leaving them for me to sign. The army could probably save a fortune in wasted paper & printing if they made the forms EASIER to understand or tick correct box.
I think i know where failed mil clerks go to work go to your local civvy Benefits office.
there is alot of bloody useless civil servants employed by Mod. Heard a great one when CSA opened the civil service dumped the no hopers in each department into it so those of you who have to do battle with them may now realise (if you hadn't already) its staffed by complete incompetents
Hoy nurse. Im not very brainy as inqaulifications and stuff but if you wos filling the forms in wrong on purpose then that means yous did know how to do them and so they couldnt be to hard as you are saying and it must take longer if you do them wrong and then someone else has to do them after that Or are you just lazee
I hope they do get rid of clerks because I'm one of them.  The reason I hope they get rid of us is so we don't have to take the shit off you lot and get the respect we deserve for what we do in civi street.  The reason you don't see us working at 20:00 hrs, is because your at home with your wife and kids, while I'm sorting your pay out, because you couldn't be arsed to book out when you were swanning spending your slush fund on a course that you didn't need to do.  If you don't think you need us, then why do you come to us with problems that are nothing to do with like Kindergeld.  You don't claim it from the army, it's nothing to do with the army!  Why do you come to us ?  Because you havn't got clue !  That's what we're here for, to sort out your problems, that are mostly caused by yourself ! :mad:
The only reason toilet paper was stuck on the stationery budget was to give clerks the right tool for wiping customers arrses.

Quick enough to criticise us in the bar - even quicker when begging for ac
The only reason toilet paper was stuck on the stationery budget was to give clerks the right tool for wiping customers arrses.

Quick enough to criticise us in the bar - even quicker when begging for acq roll payments on the 21st of every month///
Tell me massarge, do you work with computers?

What hope have we with people like this entering our personal and pay details into the various items of IT.   Change trades pal before you get lynched.


as ex infantry now mil clerk, the only reason people get annoyed with forms is they think they are better than you REME are the worst just take a minute to read what it says instead of what you think it says and the forms are no problem
and we could always get the guys from the locating regiments who do Phoenix to fly Apache!!?

Everyone has a part to play here and Administration is a Principle of War.  A mil clerk would make my blokes significantly more productive by relieving them from admin duties, that a Clerk would do better.  
Sod everyone's pay.  I'm more worried about this 3rd dose of Anthrax I've just had than your Pay 2000 level.  And if I get stood up and stood down for Telic one more time I'm just gonna pack me suitcase and get the next Lufthanse flight to Turkey.

Give us buffed butts a bit of slack when your Regiment is REMF'in it and we're backfilling for the next big Op!

Has anyone seen me flip flops?
Well put John....Sorry Jon.  Us clerks can nefer spill correctly.

And another thing, you try having a cold BEFORE the Anthrax jab.  Wibble.  Mind you us chair born warriors have got more medals than most of the working!!! class.

It's hard being so damed good looking.


if i wanted wings i'd drink redbull, if i wanted a dagger i'd give evil looks and if i wanted to be anything other than a clerk i'd make sure my parents were not married when i was born :p.  we are the first people you come and see as soon as anything goes wrong.  Having been a Coy clerk for a long time i find myself being a dad to most Sgt's, and a complete set of parents to JNCO's.  oh by the way i'm 22.  and we're on the LOWER BAND!!! daylight robbery.


Hey, what's the matter with Clerks ???  You might get annoyed with the arrogant ones, well  you get arrogant people in every corps.  "Know it alls", don't think so, clerks constantly keep asking questions to improve the service to those that require it.  I know clerks, that get as much money from the system for every soldier that they can possibly get, if a soldier doesn't know how to fill a form in, thay sit there with them and help them, every step of the way.  How many times have you seen infantry and engineers sitting there in camp with nothing to do while the clerks are working their 'nads' off for you lot ??? Certainly that lot changes when people deploy and the roles are reversed, but don't go slagging them off without doing their job first!!!

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