Bye Bye Scummers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DF By all accounts are boys were dancing on the pitch, with yours.................Enjoy and see you next season.

What a Weekend .......Enjoy Crewe Judas.
And the Bluenoses didn't finish above Villa. Oh well, always next year Zulus.

Still the Mighty Cockney Heroes finished above the Tampa Bay Prawns, that's all that matters :D


War Hero
Shame, I like southampton :(

Wanted them or Norwich to stay up, oops :/
From Basra to Pompey we are all cheering............Judas to resign tomorrow !! (No doubt with his usual backhander ) Twitching his way to the Bank.
Fukcing fantastic, scummers going down. Sat in the club watching this with a Partagas series D No 1 edition limitada, fan-fukcing-tastic.
Play up Pompey, Pompey play up...
Feck off you fish shagging sailor boys. We'll be back to restore proper order again very soon.
Sooo, now you show your true colours Idleboy. I was starting to like you then you blew it. You can forget the invite to the 'Pink Coconut' in Brighton.


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cdo_gunner said:
ditto......feckin'Pompeyites, where was bloody Yakubu when we needed him ? -

Don't crow too much - we'll swap places with you this time next year !
( without bloody Woopert either)

Le Chevre
Southampton back up next year. HHHHHAAAAAAAAA
Goatman, it says India on the tyre of a bus but it isnt going there.
Shut it Freddie. I shall soon be forced to defend the honour of the Saints with a drinking duel. Be affraid.

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