Bye bye Ripley

For those that know me on and off Arrse under my old name of Lechies as well as my real name will know that I am going under the knife to have a bowel resection and put a massive 40cm protrusion back in it's place. Risky surgery it may be, but necessary. I'll be offline for the next week leading up to the surgery due to visiting family and old friends then under the knife on Friday. I've had a right laugh on this site, especially with those that tell me I'm a cock, to be fair, I most definately am a cock, just like most people have the potential to be, I just rise to my potential and surpass my own goals set.

Hopefully I'll be back on my feet and in fine form in a couple of weeks and getting back to being slagged off, it's the one thing I miss after leaving the Army.


This horrible bastard should be a thing of the past by next saturday and I just wanted to share it with you one last time.
I dunno I've shagged worse
I have a plan. Have it embalmed, take it to a pub in a Black neighbourhood, go the the gents and just stand at a urinal with it hanging out your flies.

**** with their minds, man. You know you want to.
Good luck with the surgery!

I would guess you will be happy to see the last of that thing.
Sell it to Walls or McDonalds.
Good luck with that mate, hope it all goes well for you.


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Good luck Friday.

What size are your shoes?
It looks like something my missus would present for dinner. Best of luck till yee.
Our old PTI would have expected us to still complete a 10 mile run with an injury like that.
can you get a shot with your finger in it, lying back, with a come hither look on your grid

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